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DuraScan G5

Versatile and fast hardness testing ensuring repeatability over a wide load range

DuraScan hardness testers give you the versatility you need to perform advanced testing automatically and increase turn-around time and repeatability. Designed for use in the lab and available in five different models, the DuraScan enables you to cover applications such as case hardness depth and welds. When working with a variety of applications, you usually require both a micro- and a macro indentation hardness tester. With DuraScan, just one hardness tester does the job!

The unique test load range from 0.25 gf to 62.5 kgf means you can use DuraScan G5 for many different applications that previously required both a micro and a macro indentation hardness tester. Saving you both time and money.

Load cell technology ensures that the DuraScan G5 not only conforms to all standards but offers the highest possible degree of accuracy and repeatability throughout its entire load range.

Fast testing
DuraScan G5 lets you change test method and load immediately. The automatic turret and the ecos Workflow™ software mean full automation of the entire test cycle of loading, indenting, unloading, focusing and evaluation. A motorized stage can be used to run entire test series automatically, saving time and allowing the operator to attend to other tasks.
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