Service Packages

Struers Service Packages

Our Service Packages give you all the services and training you need to ensure rapid start-up, output to specification, process optimization and maximum uptime.

There are three different Service Packages to choose from:

  • Start-up Package
  • Optimization Assessment Package
  • Maintenance Training Package

Everything you need to improve performance and efficiency

Delivered by our experienced technical service engineers and application specialists, our Service Packages ensure you get the desired uptime, performance and results from your Struers equipment.

From start-up through to process optimization and training, our Service Packages are designed to meet the needs of your quality control processes or production line – and they can be combined with Single Services according to your requirements. To ensure you get the best combination for your needs, we work with you to select the services that are most relevant to you.

Our Service Packages at a glance:

Start-up Package

Ensure 100% performance of your equipment from the very first day. Equipment installation, an introduction to basic applications, and basic product and maintenance training ensure you benefit from correct operation and specimen quality right from the beginning.

Choose our Start-up Package to get the most out of your investment right from day 1.

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Optimization Assessment Package

Optimize efficiency and improve results. As well as a technical inspection of your equipment to help you plan preventive maintenance, we identify opportunities for process optimization and help you better utilize equipment and consumables to achieve more reliable results.

Choose our Optimization Assessment Package to increase your efficiency, reduce costs and improve the reliability and repeatability of your results.

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Maintenance Training Package

Get detailed training in daily, monthly and annual preventive maintenance so you can perform your own maintenance and ensure preparation quality.

Choose our Maintenance Optimization package to improve your in-house skills, lower long-term maintenance costs and ensure uptime.

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Start up package

Start-up Package

We help you get off to a trouble-free start with installation and quick ramp-up of your new equipment, so you get optimum performance from the first day. At the same time, training by a Struers specialist means your users quickly become familiar with the equipment and use the correct work processes from the very beginning.

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Hit the ground running

With our Service Packages, our experienced technical service engineers and application specialists work with you to ensure you get the uptime, performance and results you need from your Struers equipment – and they can be combined with Single Services according to your requirements.

Our Start-Up Package includes installation assistance and basic training to give you all you need for fast installation and ramp-up – so you can make the most of your new equipment right from day 1.

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What you get

  • Installation (or verification of own installation)
  • Final functional acceptance test
  • Basic hands-on training in equipment use
  • Basic application training to ensure correct operation
  • Method set-up to ensure excellent performance
  • Basic training in daily, weekly and monthly maintenance
  • Remote Diagnostic Connection for faster and more cost-effective resolution of issues (on selected equipment only)

How you benefit

Fast ramp-up of new equipment
Your new equipment is installed correctly by Struers technical service engineers for maximum uptime and peace of mind.

Cost-effective performance
Since equipment and processes are set up for optimal performance, your cost per sample is as low as possible.

Competent and efficient users
Well-trained users avoid mistakes and contamination, improve sample quality, prevent accidents and equipment damage, and save on consumables.

Ability to maintain equipment performance
Daily and weekly maintenance ensure continued uptime and quality.

Fast, cost-effective resolution of issues
Because your users learn more about processes and equipment, they can troubleshoot simple daily issues more effectively and more efficiently discuss issues with our technical service engineers.

Optimization package

Optimization Assessment Package

Predictable preparation quality is increasingly important for most quality control departments. At the same time, older equipment requires regular attention to ensure it continues to perform to specifications, and new equipment needs to be correctly integrated into your processes. That’s what you get with our Optimization Assessment Package.

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Higher throughput, lower costs and better quality

Our Service Packages are delivered by our experienced technical service engineers and application specialists – and they can be combined with Single Services according to your needs.

Our Optimization Assessment Package is ideal for quality control departments looking to increase throughput, lower costs and improve quality. Our application specialists assess your equipment, consumables, methods and processes to ensure you benefit from the desired availability, reliability and uptime – and so can improve efficiency and results.

Download Optimization Assessment package overview here

What you get

  • Technical inspection of your equipment by an expert Struers technical service engineer
  • Identification of repair and overhaul needs
  • Application assessment of how the equipment and consumables are used, conducted by a Struers application specialist
  • Workflows and method analysis and improvement suggestions
  • Evaluation of optimal usage of consumables

How you benefit

Optimized performance
Our recommendations on equipment use and materialographic processes ensure you get high repeatability and the ideal sample quality.

Reduced costs
Learn how to optimize equipment use, processes and methods to reduce your consumption of consumables.

Increased efficiency
Save process time and potential reworking by optimizing your processes and workflows.

Long-term performance
A status report on your equipment enables you to initiate proper maintenance and repairs at the right time.

Maintenance Training

Maintenance Training Package

Constant uptime and reliable results require timely and correct equipment maintenance. Regular maintenance also eliminates premature wear part replacement to reduce downtime and ownership costs. Our Maintenance Training Package ensures this by training your staff to perform maintenance in-house.

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Lower long-term maintenance costs and higher uptime

Our Service Packages are designed to address the needs of your quality control processes or production line. They can be used on their own or combined with Single Services according to your requirements.

Our Maintenance Training Package is designed to improve your in-house maintenance skills. Our experienced technical service engineers train your team in how to perform regular maintenance, cleaning, part replacement, calibration and functional testing. As a result, you can perform regular maintenance in-house to significantly reduce ownership costs and increase uptime.

Download Maintenance Training package overview here

You get in-house training in

  • Regular preventive maintenance
  • Equipment inspection
  • Basic cleaning
  • Standard wear part replacement
  • Adjustments/calibration
  • Functional testing

How you benefit

Greater service flexibility
Your own well-trained service department can provide prompt assistance – and work with Struers if necessary to find the fastest and most efficient solution.

In-house service skills and improved equipment utilization
With capabilities in-house, your equipment is more likely to stay running smoothly, and to recover more quickly in the event of an issue.

Customized services

Customized services to boost your performance

All our Service Packages are designed to meet the requirements of your quality control department or production line. You can also combine them with one or more of our Single Services to focus on your specific requirements and so ensure high quality results and maximum efficiency.

If you want any help choosing the ideal Service Package for your needs, just let us know. Your local Struers representative will be happy to talk you through the different options and benefits.

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Struers Support Commitment

The Struers Support Commitment

The Struers Support Commitment applies to every Struers customer. It gives you access to our global support network and application expertise – to help you improve availability, predictability and uptime.

  • Access to our global support hotline and network of technical service engineers
  • Advice and support from highly qualified application specialists to help optimize your processes and performance
  • Online documentation support
  • An annual service review
  • Access to a complete range of value-adding services
  • Rapid delivery of spare parts globally

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