N3A Basic Rockwell Hardness Tester

Versatile and cost-efficient hardness testing

N3A facts

  • High efficiency
  • Fast and reliable results
  • Choice of test methods
  • Analogue display

The N3A bench top Rockwell hardness tester gives high efficiency and cost-effective operation with fast and reliable measurements. The tester is targeted for basic Rockwell measurements, but can also be used for Vickers Depth Difference Measurement (HVT), Brinell Depth difference measurements (HBT), and Plastics Testing. The N3A allows for direct read out on an analogue dial gauge and features loads and indenters that can be individually adapted to suit particular requirements.


Easy to use

Loading is easily applied by means of a lever for pre-load, main load, second pre-load, and return to initial position. The hardness value can be clearly seen on the dial gauge.


The hardness readings are directly displayed on an analogue dial gauge. Based on the test method selected there are three coloured scales printed on the dial gauge displaying the corresponding hardness values of the test carried out – all fully according to norms.

Time saving

The N3A can be configured with a number of pre-defined test loads to save time and avoid error. The basic test unit comes with one test load, for example 150 kgf, while the adjustable test unit has three built-in test loads, for example 588, 980 and 1470 N (60, 100 and 150 kgf).


  • N3A wide range

    Wide range of test loads

    The 13 test loads range from 49 to 1837.5 N (5 to 187.5 kgf). The testers are designed for basic Rockwell measurements, but are also capable of testing Vickers Depth Difference Measurement (HVT), Brinell Depth difference measurements (HBT) and Plastics Testing.

    Wide range of test loads
  • N3A standards compliance

    Standards compliance

    All methods comply with the relevant international standards:
    • EN ISO 6508 and ASTM E18 for Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell
    • ISO 2039-1 for Ball Indentation Hardness (Plastics Testing)
    • HVT and HBT for non-standardized Test Methods

    Standards compliance


Model types


N3A versatile and cost-efficient hardness testing
N3A - Bench tester for analogue indication
Bench tester for analogue indication without test unit. Test height 0-285 mm, throat depth 170 mm. Clamping device via hand wheel. Dial gauge protection without dial gauge. Incl. plane anvil, dia. 90 mm.

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Technical Data

N3A Technical Data Sheet

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Technical Data Sheet

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