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Forging equipment and processes

A complete, all-in-one Service Package contains essential services and training that help you ramp up sample preparation or verification, optimize your equipment and processes or build up own capabilities within preventive maintenance. We assist you in selecting the services that are most valuable for your particular needs to make sure you have the services and training you need.

You can choose between the following packages and combine them with other Single Services according to your needs:

ServiceGuard Start Up Package

Start-up Package

The Start-up Package ensures a trouble free start end a quick ramp-up of your new equipment. It includes Installation* (or a verification of own installation) and basic training in equipment use and application to ensure correct method use and optimum performance from day one. You receive introduction to daily, weekly and monthly maintenance in order to maintain performance. For selected equipment the Start-Up Package can also include a Remote Diagnostic Connection for faster and more cost-effective resolution of any issues.

*Installation is not available in all geographies. Local regulations may apply to installation.

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ServiceGuard Assessment Package

Optimization Assessment Package

The Optimization Assessment Package includes a technical Inspection of the equipment resulting in a qualified decision recommendation enabling you to minimize overhaul costs and maximize equipment lifetime. It also includes an Application Assessment performed by a Struers specialist who gives you an evaluation of your current methods and practice together with recommendations to ensure method repeatability and optimize your sample preparation processes.

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ServiceGuard Training Package

Maintenance Training Package

The Maintenance Training Package enables you to build up own capabilities within preventive maintenance. The Maintenance Training Package is a ‘hands-on’, preventive maintenance service performed together with your staff using original Struers spare parts and following Struers service check-list. The purpose is to provide detailed training in standard preventive maintenance, enabling you to maintain your own equipment and ensure preparation quality and uptime.

Your maintenance staff will be equipped to take qualified maintenance decisions and perform correct maintenance on a regular basis, giving you certainty of performance, compliance with production schedules, and longer equipment lifetime.

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Start-up Package

Technical installation* of equipment, basic training in equipment use and application together with introduction to daily maintenance, as well as installation of a remote service connection where applicable

You need your equipment to be up and running from day one. Struers ensures optimum performance from the moment you take over the equipment. Training by a Struers specialist means your users quickly become familiar with the equipment and use the correct work processes from the very beginning.

*Installation is not available in all geographies. Local regulations may apply to installation.

What you get

The Start-up includes Installation* (or verification of own installation) and basic hands-on training in equipment use and application to ensure correct equipment use and method set-up ensuring good performance from day one. You receive basic maintenance training in daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. For selected equipment the Start-Up Package can also include a Remote Service.

Important Benefits

  1. Fast ramp-up of your new equipment
  2. Optimum Performance to specification of your equipment and consumables from day one
  3. Competent and efficient users
  4. Obtain ability to maintain equipment performance
  5. Fast and cost-effective resolution of issues (remote service connection only)

Correct preparation solutions

True structures require proper correct applications. Different material properties require broad application knowledge. Struers Application Specialists are experts in optimising preparation methods, because application knowledge is necessary to select the correct preparation solutions. Your material – our application solutions.

Birgitte Nielsen
Application Specialist, Struers ApS

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Optimization Assessment Package

Equipment Inspection and Application Assessment of equipment, consumables, methods and processes

Predictable preparation quality becomes more and more important as quality demands increase. Especially older equipment requires regular attention in order to continue performing to specification. An inspection of the equipment and an expert assessment of utilization provide a reliable decision platform to ensure you get the most out of the equipment.

What you get

An expert Struers field service engineer conducts a technical inspection of the equipment assessing maintenance, repair and overhaul needs. Findings and recommendations are documented in an Inspection report.

Struers application specialist performs an Application Assessment focusing on how the equipment is used, workflows, which method(s) have been selected, and whether optimum consumables are being used. Practical tips are given and the Application Assessment results in an Application Assessment report with findings and recommendations.

Important Benefits

  1. A sound decision foundation for implementing potential optimizations with regards to:
        • Equipment use and its lifetime
        • Materialographic processes
  2. Ability to pre-empt potential maintenance and performance issues

Greatest possible benefit

Our primary task as Application Specialists is to make sure our customers derive the greatest possible benefit from their solutions from Struers.

Xiuping Jiang
Application Specialist, Struers China

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Maintenance Training Package

On-site training of maintenance staff in operational equipment maintenance

Constant uptime without any unexpected interruptions requires timely and correct equipment maintenance. One of the main reasons for performing timely maintenance is to pre-empt premature wear part replacement along with the associated impact on uptime and costs. The resulting mechanical reliability together with maintenance staff capabilities is a good basis for continued reliable specimen quality. Much of this can be achieved by training in-house staff.

What you get

Your maintenance staff is trained in performing standard preventive maintenance on the equipment. This includes equipment inspection, basic cleaning, standard wear part replacement, adjustments/calibration, and functional testing. The training is a ‘hands-on’, fully documented preventive maintenance service performed together with your staff following Struers service check-list and using original Struers standard wear parts. The training and the check list form the basis for your maintenance staff’s future maintenance work.

By following a formal maintenance plan for the equipment, your staff can ensure specified performance without unexpected issues between maintenance points. In the case of an unexpected event, they will be better able to make small adjustments themselves, or explain the problem to a Struers help desk service officer who will then be able to guide them to a solution.

Important Benefits

  1. Greater service flexibility
  2. Improved equipment utilization
  3. In-house service competences


Don’t make do with what we say! Look for the truth in the experiences of the people who use our equipment and knowledge. We asked a few of our loyal customers to tell us what they think is most important about Struers.

BRP Powertrain GmbH Logo
We are extremely satisfied with the highly competent service delivered by Struers. They always meet our needs quickly and efficiently. BRP Powertrain GmbH & Co. KG (Austria) Herr Thomas Brunmair Supervisor Material Lab.
WWU Münster Institut für Planetologie Logo
My relations with Struers date back over many years. The reason is their competent advice, the good service and their use of our application laboratory in the case of difficult questions that are best resolved on-site. WWU Münster, Institut für Planetologie Ursula Heitmann Mineral Specimen Preparer
Nissan Logo
Since adopting Struers equipment, we made significant savings within our manufacturing process as a result of reduced manpower requirements and productivity improvements. Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK Ltd. John Smart Production Supervisor