About Struers Values

Dedicated to certainty

Struers is a trusted partner to materialographers worldwide. We share our knowledge, expertise and practical experience on a global scale, helping our customers ensure certainty, increase efficiency and improve safety through their entire materialographic process.

Since 1875, Struers has been exploiting deep scientific insights to develop groundbreaking technologies and solutions that help improve our lives and make the world a better place. To this day, we continue to contribute to modern society by partnering with our customers in their exploration of materials, pursuit of safe products and sustainable use of natural resources.

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Our people

We work with many of the world’s leading technology companies, from automobile and airplane manufacturers to mobile phone producers. As partners in their R&D and quality control processes, we help ensure certainty in the products they provide - that the plane or car is safe; that the phone rings when someone calls. In this way, our work touches everyone’s lives.

As a global company with operations in many countries, we employ a wide range of people, from supply chain professionals, service engineers and scientists to financial controllers and marketeers. We come from many countries and speak many languages. But we are all united by the same goal: to ensure certainty.

As a team, our work and behavior are guided by our strong values. These help us collaborate effectively and ensure we all contribute to a positive and ambitious working environment, where everyone has the chance to contribute and develop. We take pride in our results, share knowledge and always look to improve – so we can be the perfect futureproof partner for our customers.

In this video, we explain exactly what we do and how we contribute to making the world a better, safer and more reliable place.

We pride ourselves on excellence

We have materialographic experts, application specialists and service engineers in our team – all contributing different skills and experience. Our common values bind us together. 


Our values and purpose

At Struers, we exploit deep scientific insights to develop groundbreaking technologies and solutions that make the world a better place. We always ask ourselves what we can do better, constantly work to enhance our processes and continually strive to develop products and services that help improve our lives and make the world a better place.

This work is supported by our guiding principles and values:
  • Mutual respect
    We meet our colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders with mutual respect. We pay everyone attention and respect, no matter where they are positioned in the value chain.
  • Knowledge sharing
    We share knowledge to develop insights and competences, grow and innovate as a team. We openly share our expertise and insights to ensure customers can always obtain the best possible lab results and optimized processes.
  • Continuous improvement
    We continuously improve our products, services and processes – as well as our team – to deliver results. Our standards are almost impossibly high, which means we never stop striving to be better.

Ensuring the future

“The success of our customers is rooted in the enthusiasm and skills of our employees all over the world today. Involvement, knowledge sharing, mutual respect, and listening to our customers are the backbone of our drive for continuous improvement and innovation on their behalf. We are proud of the future we share with our customers. And we will continue to serve them by developing and delivering world-class technology and knowledge in a way that only a world leader can do.”

Steen Jensen
President at Struers

Struers President, Steen Jensen


Struers is a global company with a strong heritage, a large product portfolio within metallographic preparation, an insightful materialographic philosophy and most importantly highly skilled and motivated employees.

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