Combining precision, flexibility, and large capacity

Secotom facts

  • Spacious cutting chamber
  • Large, moveable cutting table
  • Powerful motor
  • Fast positioning
  • Wide range of materials
  • Intelligent feed control
  • 75-203 mm (3-8”) diameter cut-off wheel size

The Secotom-15/-50 are high-performance tabletop cut-off machines that can be used for the cutting of an extremely wide range of materials. They successfully combine the latest precision cutting technology with high throughput, flexibility, and user friendliness.

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A multifunction knob means fast and easy navigation in the software and setting of parameters. Setup time is reduced with fast manual positioning of large and deep workpieces using a joystick. The powerful motor enables very fast cutting of all materials.


Secotom performs precise and deformation-free cutting of metals, ceramics, composites, sintered carbides, electronic components, crystals, biomaterials, minerals, etc.


The Secotom machines are designed for optimal user friendliness with a large control panel and color display for easy operation, along with intuitive software and easy access to the cutting chamber. No programming is required, and there are no complex menus.

Cutting with Secotom



  • Secotom versatile joystick

    Versatile joystick

    The joystick can be used for fast and precise positioning of the workpiece as well as automatic height adjustment, enabling utilization of a large variety of cut-off wheel sizes.

    Versatile joystick
  • Secotom large cutting table

    Large cutting table with T-slots and stainless steel bands

    The large cutting table is made of corrosion-resistant cast aluminum with stainless steel bands. Front positioning free of the cut-off wheel means easy clamping, and 8.0 mm T-slots provide maximum clamping flexibility, allowing the use of a wide range of clamping tools.

    Large cutting table with T-slots and stainless steel bands
  • Secotom cutting of hard materials ExciCut

    Cutting of hard materials

    ExciCut is used on Secotom-50 when cutting extremely hard materials that cannot be cut directly. ExciCut operates by moving the cut-off wheel up and down as the cutting table moves forward. This ensures a small contact area between the cut-off wheel and the workpiece, provides better coolant access, and prevents thermal damage to the workpiece.

    Cutting of hard materials
  • Secotom intelligent feed control

    Intelligent feed control

    The feed speed can be preset and controlled in the range of 0.005 to 3.0 mm/sec. This wide range allows delicate workpieces to be cut. If the feed speed is set too high, resulting in motor overload, OptiFeed automatically reduces the feed speed to an appropriate value. As soon as the load on the motor is reduced again, the feed speed is increased to the preset level.

    Intelligent feed control
  • Secotom spacious cutting chamber

    Spacious cutting chamber

    The spacious cutting chamber ensures optimum accessibility.

    Spacious cutting chamber
  • Secotom cutting chamber illumination

    Cutting chamber illumination

    A powerful LED lights up the cutting chamber adjacent to the cut-off wheel spindle and makes it easy to follow the cutting process.

    Cutting chamber illumination
  • Secotom drain basket

    Drain basket

    For collecting and easy cleaning of the big particles from the cutting process, a drain basket is placed in the cutting chamber drain.

    Drain basket
  • Secotom serial cutting

    Serial cutting

    The automatic X-table optional accessory means the Secotom-50 can be used for serial cutting in order to reduce cutting and operator time. A cutting mode for slices of equal thickness or a mode for cutting of up to four slices of different thickness can be chosen.

    Serial cutting
  • Secotom variable cutoff wheel speed

    Variable cut-off wheel speed

    The cut-off wheel speed can be varied from 300 rpm to 5,000 rpm, in 100 rpm increments. This enables a more accurate choice of wheel speed for different cut-off wheel types and sizes.

    Variable cut-off wheel speed
  • Secotom adjustable cutting length

    Adjustable cutting length

    The cutting length can be pre-set between 0-190 mm and adjusted in steps of 0.1 mm. This gives the operator the freedom to attend to other tasks while the machine is cutting.

    Adjustable cutting length
  • Secotom load monitoring

    Load monitoring

    The operator can monitor the cutting motor load throughout the process on the control panel display.

    Load monitoring


Model types

Secotom is available in two variations, see specifications for details.


Tabletop, precision cut-off machine with moveable cutting table, and variable speed. Automatic feeding with electronic control of feed speed. Motorized positioning of workpiece and digital read-out. OptiFeed function. Three cutting methods. Complete with recirculation cooling unit, flange set 50 mm (2") dia. Cut-off wheels, specimen holder's, additive for cooling fluid (Corrozip), and clamping tools are ordered separately. Specification: 200-240 V / 50-60 Hz.


Tabletop, precision cut-off machine with moveable cutting table and variable speed. Automatic feeding with electronic control of feed speed. Motorized positioning of cut-off wheel and workpiece and digital read-out. ExciCut and OptiFeed functions. Ten cutting methods and cut-off wheel database included. Complete with recirculation cooling unit and flange set 50 mm (2") dia. Cut-off wheels, specimen holders, additive for cooling fluid (Corrozip), and clamping tools are ordered separately. Specification: 200-240 V / 50-60 Hz.

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Technical Data

Secotom Technical Data Sheet

Struers Technical Data Sheets are designed to help you make the best choice of equipment for your particular purpose. You can find important information such as capacity and performance specifications, dimensions, weight, electrical data, noise levels, ambient conditions, and safety. In many cases you can also obtain an overview of accessories offering higher capacity and performance.

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Technical Data Sheet

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My relationship with Struers dates back over many years. The reason is their expert advice, good service, and their use of our application laboratory in the case of difficult questions that are best resolved on-site. WWU Münster, Institut für Planetologie Ursula Heitmann Mineral Specimen Preparer
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The backbone of our quality assurance program, our Struers laboratory promotes ease of use, resulting in high output and efficient use of our human resources and huge time savings. In my opinion, Struers equipment provides the most efficient and consistent method for examining the quality of our fastener products. Ideal Fasteners Pty. Ltd. (Australia) Neville Deutscher Managing Director
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XPS Consulting & Testwork Services is a licensed metallurgical engineering and testwork business that includes mineralogical and materials characterization. We have used Struers’ sample preparation equipment and lab consumables for almost 20 years and are very satisfied with the quality of the products and the support they provide to us. As a consulting firm, we strive to produce the highest quality results for our customers, and the Struers’ products have assisted us in reaching that goal. XPS Consulting & Testwork Services (Canada) Patricia Stack Mineral Science Department