ViaSampling System

High-precision coupon extraction and preparation in a few, simple steps

ViaSampling System

  • Custom-designed for the Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) industry
  • Representative samples from most board types, rigid and flex
  • Guaranteed, repeatable results – no lost samples
  • High-precision preparation of microvias down to 100 μm
  • System precision better than ± 20 μm
  • Minimum preparation costs
  • Continuous routing feature for highest productivity

The Struers ViaSampling System consists of two parts: ViaSampler ViaSampler is a dedicated, fully automatic coupon extraction station with a precision router-cutter (milling tool) for drilling two positioning holes anywhere on the board and extracting 10 x 20 mm test coupons. ViaKit ViaKit is a toolkit that includes all you need for pinning, mounting, and preparing coupons, making your coupon preparation process much easier. It is designed for high-precision preparation of up to 36 coupons at a time and is used along with ViaSampler. An entry-level version of ViaKit is also available.

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High precision

With a system precision better than ± 20 μm, Struers ViaSampling System ensures the required precision in every step of the coupon preparation process. The stainless steel ViaMount molds keep the sample 100 percent dimensionally stable during curing. The lower part of the mold stays on the sample after curing, locking it into the sample holder, thus ensuring maximum precision.

High Productivity

Drilling and routing are carried out automatically in a single operation, without the need for a tool change. ViaInserter enables accurate positioning of up to six coupons on one set of pins, enabling high-precision preparation of up to 36 coupons at a time. The advanced vision system enabled quick and accurate pinpointing of test coupons with an on-screen magnification of up to 200 times.

Easy to use

Preparation is calibration-free, using factory-calibrated diamond stops. The simple, predefined preparation process ensures well-defined removal through an easy three-step method that may be expanded according to user requirements.


  • ViaSampling coupon extraction station

    Dedicated coupon extraction station

    Extract coupons at your convenience. For QC-Lab installation, independent of production

    Dedicated coupon extraction station
  • ViaSampling low impact extraction

    Low impact extraction

    Minimum deformation + thermal load

    Low impact extraction
  • ViaSampling large routing table

    Large, high-precision routing table

    Extract coupons from anywhere on the board

    Large, high-precision routing table
  • ViaSampling two cameras

    Two cameras with zoom function

    Coarse and ultra-fine pinpointing using 5x/10x/100x and 200x magnification

    Two cameras with zoom function
  • ViaSampling System AutoTrack


    The routing table follows your movement. New position is automatically tracked/followed.

  • ViaSampling drilling routing

    Dedicated Router-cutters

    High precision Router-cutter for ViaSampler

    Dedicated Router-cutters
  • ViaSampling touch screen

    Combined drilling and routing

    Simplicity, fewer buttons

    Combined drilling and routing
  • ViaSampling flexible coupon positioning

    Flexible positioning of coupon

    Mirror or slide coupon sideways

    Flexible positioning of coupon
  • ViaSampling board types

    Handles most board types

    For unmounted boards up to 21" x 24" x 0.23. Rigid, flex

    Handles most board types
  • ViaSampling measuring system

    Dynamic, on-screen measuring system

    Dynamic measuring of via diameter

    Dynamic, on-screen measuring system
  • ViaSampling connection to exhaust system

    Prepared for easy connection to external exhaust system

    Dust can efficiently be removed during drilling.

    Prepared for easy connection to external exhaust system
  • ViaSampling ViaInsert


    Precise positioning of pins. Unmounting easy Up to six coupons on one set of pins.

  • ViaSampling ViaMount


    100% dimensionally stable. Unmounting facilitated. Works like a click-lock on the sample holder.

  • ViaSampling ViaHolder


    Stops material removal at pre-defined level. Do not wear, not even on diamond surfaces. The same coupling as other Struers sample holders. Preparation of up to six molds at a time, with up to six samples in each. Ensures well-defined removal.



Model types

ViaSampling System

ViaSampling System
Routing station for extraction of PCB test coupons.
Industrial PC with video capture card and three router-cutters included.

Router-cutter tool for ViaSampler, 1.98 mm dia.
Router-cutter tool for ViaSampler, 1.96 mm dia.
Router-cutter tool for ViaSampler, 1.97 mm dia.

Toolkit for preparation of PCB coupons, complete
with pin inserter, specimen holder,
mounting rings, end caps, positioning pins, silicone oil, and cleaning tool

ViaKit Basic
Toolkit for preparation of PCB coupons, complete with ViaHolder. Single sample specimen holder, pin inserter
Mounting rings, end caps, positioning pins, silicone oil, and cleaning tool

For insertion of two positioning pins in up to six coupons

Adjustable precision specimen holder with diamond stops.
For up to six times six PCB coupons.

ViaHolder single sample
Adjustable precision specimen holder with diamond stops.
For up to six coupons in a single mount.

ViaKit Mounting Rings
Stainless steel precision mold with non-stick lining.
For use with ViaKit End Caps (40300056). Six pcs.

ViaKit End Cap
End caps for use ViaKit Mounting Rings (40300055). 250 pcs.

ViaKit Positioning Pins
Positioning pins, 1.98 mm dia., length 43 mm. 500 pcs.

ViaKit Cleaning Tool 40300075
Cleaning tool for ViaKit Mounting Rings
Silicone Oil
Silicone release agent

Struers’ equipment is in conformity with the provisions of the applicable international directives and their appurtenant standards.
Struers’ products are subject to constant product development. Therefore, we reserve the right to introduce changes to our products without notice.

Technical Data

ViaSampling System Technical Data Sheet

Struers Technical Data Sheets are designed to help you make the best choice of equipment for your particular purpose. You can find important information such as capacity and performance specifications, dimensions, weight, electrical data, noise levels, ambient conditions, and safety. In many cases you can also obtain an overview of accessories offering higher capacity and performance.

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Technical Data Sheet

Ensuring certainty with Struers tailored support services

To optimize your processes, enhance your quality control performance and ensure equipment availability, we offer a wide range of services, training and support.

From preventive maintenance to training and process analysis, our Service Plans, Service Packages and Single Services are delivered by experienced technical service engineers and application specialists – and can be tailored to match your needs.
ViaSampling Consumables

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Correct preparation solutions

"True structures require proper and correct applications. Different material properties require broad application knowledge. Struers application specialists are experts in optimizing preparation methods, because application knowledge is necessary to select the correct preparation solutions. Your material – our application solutions.”

Birgitte Nielsen
Application Specialist, Struers ApS

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