Struers Field Service Engineers


Service is not only about sustaining optimum performance for our customers. It also provides peace of mind and more time to deal with other issues. The value we deliver comes from our commitment, experience, and expertise over many years, and the confidence and trust of our customers.

  • Highly specialized training
  • Always up-to-date
  • Specialized service tools and test facilities

The right service and support

As a Struers customer, you expect high-quality equipment and prompt service and support whenever and wherever you need it. With access to more than 70 experienced and highly qualified field service engineers deployed around the globe, you can always be sure of the right service and support from Struers offices and our distributors in more than 60 countries.

You can also rest assured that the field service engineer who visits you receives highly specialized training at Struers headquarters on a regular basis, spanning from older equipment to the latest new machines. This means that they are familiar with your equipment and know which spare parts they need in order to restore operations quickly and efficiently.

You can also ask for a Struers field service engineer who can perform calibration of hardness testers. If necessary, you can ask for someone who can perform accredited calibration according to documentation standard ISO 17025.

A service plan means high priority support.

If your equipment is covered by a Service Plan and a problem arises that cannot be resolved by phone, e-mail, or by visiting the knowledge section of our website, you can depend on the arrival of a Struers field service engineer within two working days under normal circumstances, and at no extra cost if the equipment is covered by a Protect or Perform Plan. For Prevent Plan emergency call out, a fee will be added. If you encounter a problem, but do not have a service plan for your Struers equipment, we will dispatch a field service engineer as quickly as possible. In this case we will charge you for travel costs, man hours, and accommodation, as well as for spare parts and any other necessary materials.

Service standards

All equipment serviced or repaired by Struers service engineers will comply with the same specifications as the original new equipment. All service tools, service workshops, and test facilities used by our service engineers are specified and approved by Struers. Our equipment is known for its durability and long operating lifetime. We are committed to supplying spare parts and service for at least ten years after the production of equipment has been discontinued.


You can contact a Struers service engineer by calling your nearest Struers office whenever you need advice or a visit. If you have purchased your Struers equipment from a distributor, you should contact them for qualified assistance and support.

Struers Support Commitment

The Struers Support Commitment

The Struers Support Commitment applies to every Struers customer. It gives you access to our global support network and application expertise – to help you improve availability, predictability and uptime.

  • Access to our global support hotline and network of technical service engineers
  • Advice and support from highly qualified application specialists to help optimize your processes and performance
  • Online documentation support
  • An annual service review
  • Access to a complete range of value-adding services
  • Rapid delivery of spare parts globally

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