Single Service

Application Assessment

Assessment of your use of Struers equipment, consumables, and methods summarized in an application assessment report

Demands for shorter response times require focus on reliable results in terms of specimen quality and process reproducibility. Minimizing reworking is always a beneficial goal to pursue which often needs new views on processes. Lack of time to sort, analyze, and update knowledge and apply it in work processes can be challenging. This applies both to new users and experienced materialographic staff, for whom external skills and experience can act as inspiration.

What you get

A Struers Application Specialist with the relevant technical knowledge and experience visits your facility to perform an in-depth assessment of your use of Struers equipment, materialographic processes, and workflows. Our specialist works hands-on along with you to identify quality and productivity optimization opportunities while giving practical tips. This results in an application assessment report based on Struers’ global experience and knowledge of your specific application range.

The report contains guidelines and recommendations for areas for optimization and improvements. We recommend that the resulting best practice is followed in order to ensure the specified preparation quality, and the highest possible level of repeatability and reproducibility.

Important Benefits

  1. Objective evaluation of current workflows, methods, and practice
  2. Method repeatability
  3. Production optimization