Single Service

On-site repair service

Diagnosis on-site and subsequent repair of equipment defects and malfunctions

Your equipment is worth most if it runs trouble-free day in, day out, enabling you to meet quality assurance deadlines. It is worth less if it performs below your expectations. Quality preparation and test results are your customers’ assurance of compliance with specifications. High productivity means lower operational unit costs. If your equipment is suddenly no longer able to meet these needs, you can experience reduced sample quality, higher operation unit cost, and dissatisfied customers and colleagues.

What you get

On-site repairs are performed quickly and effectively by a local certified Struers field service engineer to make downtime as short as possible and restore quality and productivity. Your equipment is once again able to deliver performance according to its specifications.

Important Benefits

  1. Fast on-site diagnosis and repair
  2. Improved equipment utilization
  3. Extended equipment life