Single Service

Practical Training

In-depth training according to specific requirements

The preparation quality, predictability, and productivity of your equipment and consumables depend on knowing how to use them properly. While all Struers equipment is designed for easy learning and use, user training avoids uncertainty that can result in high waste, poor sample quality, and higher operational costs. Practical Training ensures competencies, updates existing competencies, or ensures that new user colleagues are trained to the required level.

What you get

You receive high level training by a Struers specialist according to your specific requirements. Depending on your requirements and customized to your needs, your users could learn how to ensure preparation or testing quality, how to develop methods and ensure predictability, how to increase productivity, how to operate the equipment, and how to clean and keep the equipment in good working condition.

Important Benefits

  1. Preparation or testing quality according to specification
  2. Higher efficiency
  3. Higher productivity
  4. Competent users