Single Service

Remote Diagnostic Connection

Installation and testing of the Remote Diagnostic Connection, including monitoring and control of your equipment from remote PC in connection with troubleshooting

The faster an issue is solved, the faster you can resume normal operation. Assuming that your equipment is compatible with a remote access solution, you can shorten downtime by granting remote access to a Struers field service engineer who can quickly resolve complex and unexpected problems. (Currently available for Hexamatic, MAPS-2, ViaSampler, Duramin-40A&AC/100/ 170A/650AC, Duramin-40M/170/600/ 650M/3000 and Duramin-160).

What you get

We install the Remote Diagnostic Connection on the equipment in question either when the equipment is installed, or at a later stage via the Internet. A Struers expert can connect remotely to your equipment, but obviously you have full control by whom and when a connection is made. The connection enables Struers to diagnose and, in many cases, resolve a problem on the spot. Alternatively, the information gained is part of the optimal preparation for an on-site visit.

Important Benefits

  1. Time savings
  2. No need to explain complex situations
  3. Reduction of service costs