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Structure Magazine 34 - 40

Structure Magazine is solely dedicated to assisting metallographic professionals in their day-to-day responsibilities. It was published 1981 - 2004 and available FREE OF CHARGE to all metallographers. The issues 34-40 are posted below.

From Structure to e-Structure In 2004 we took Structure Magazine one step further and introduced e-Structure. Read more

Structure 40 - Table of Contents

  • Glass and Carbon Fibre Reinforced Hybrid Composites for Epoxy Tooling
  • Preparation of WC/Ag Contact Materials with Different Homogeneity
  • RepliSet: High Resolution Impressions of the Teeth of Human Ancestors
  • Metallographic preparation of Steel Cord Cable Sections
  • Labs in-between
  • Article Contest on Composite Materials
  • Read more

Structure 39 - Table of Contents

  • Evaluating the 3D-Topography of Engineering Surfaces
  • Comparing preparation techniques using microstructural images of ceramic materials
  • Discotom-50. Effects and benefits of user-selectable spindle speed
  • Labs in-between
  • Read more

Structure 38 - Table of Contents

  • A Universal Method for the Mechanical Preparation of Aluminium Alloy Specimens with High Edge Retention and their Subsequent Colour Etching High Capacity Materialographic Specimen Preparation
  • A New Preparation Concept for Radioactive Materialography Samples
  • Microscopy of Composite Materials
  • Preparation for Electron Backscatter Diffraction with
  • LaboPol-4 /LaboForce-1
  • Scientific Examinations of Historical Stained Glass
  • Labs in-between
  • Read more

Structure 37 - Table of Contents

  • Metallographic Analysis of a Medieval Sword
  • e-Metalog: Online Access to Materialographic Preparation Methods
  • A Ceramographic Evaluation of Chromia Refractories Corroded by Slag
  • The Story of the First Abra-Machines
  • AbraPlan and AbraPol-10
  • The Quality Quest
  • From our lab to yours
  • Read more

Structure 36 - Table of Contents

  • Metallographic Preparation of Zinc Coatings
  • History of Struers
  • Fabrication of Ultra-Thin Semiconductors on Insulator Structures by Materials Integration Techniques
  • Case Study: Tube Products Oldbury
  • New Final Polishing Suspensions, OP-AA and OP-AN
  • Duramin Microhardness Tester
  • From our lab to yours
  • Read more

Structure 35 - Table of Contents

  • Metallographic Preparation of Metal Foams
  • The True Microstructure of Materials
  • Formation of Nitride Layers in the Nitrocarburizing of Engine Valves
  • Pull-out During Grinding of Ceramics Containing an Amorphous Phase
  • A Universal Grinding Disc for the Plane Grinding of Materialographic Specimens
  • From our lab to yours
  • Read more

Structure 34 - Table of Contents

  • Thin Section Preparation: Histological Investigation of Bone Ingrowth into Porous Coated Orthopaedic Implants
  • Ceramic Materials for Casting Metallic Moulds
  • Special aspects of the metallographic preparation of electronic and microelectronic devices
  • Better Specimens, Faster Turnaround and Happier Metallographers
  • From our lab to yours
  • Read more

"materialographic" is also known as; metallographic
"materialography" is also known as; metallography
"specimen" is also known as; sample
"specimens" is also known as; samples

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