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We believe in knowledge sharing. What you learn today should be applied tomorrow in your lab, from the preparation to the material examination and service of equipment.

At Struers Academy, we offer metallographic training and webinars to tailor all your needs. You can participate in an individual training session, have a course tailored to your needs, or participate in one of our popular online webinars to improve your material graphic preparation knowledge.

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Struers Training and Webinars



During our webinars, you learn about the metallographic preparation of materials and the different steps in the preparation process. You learn to optimize your sample process's accuracy, reproducibility, and efficiency with lots of tips and tricks. We offer live webinars and recorded webinars to improve your knowledge. Click on each webinar to learn more about the content.

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The materialographic training about the metallographic preparation of samples combines theoretical training, practical exercises, and hands-on training at one of Struers’ laboratory facilities. You will learn about the entire sample preparation process: Cutting, mounting, grinding, polishing, and etching with pre-prepared or your own samples.

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Ensure excellent equipment performance from day 1 with Struers equipment training. Train your staff in correct equipment operation and maintenance to ensure high efficiency and best equipment performance. From installation to training in operational maintenance, our equipment training ensures you enjoy a high return on investment from your Struers equipment.

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Open House & Exhibition

Sample Preparation Technique Event

The sample preparation technique day on 21 May is now open, you can now register your place for this popular event. Last year it was fully booked in less than a couple of weeks.

Hardness Testing Training

Explore new possibilities for fast and accurate hardness testing by theoretical discussions and hands on work with Vickers, Brinell, Knoop and Rockwell indentation of different materials.

試料作製の技術を基礎から学ぶ: 試料作製入門ウェビナー【第2回:埋込編】


Metallographic preparation of aluminum and aluminum alloys

Do you prepare aluminium? Do you struggle with scratches, embedded abrasives, or smearing? This webinar will give some guidance to how to succeed in materialographic preparation of pure aluminium and aluminium alloys.

Jornadas Metalografía Bilbao

​​Estas jornadas técnicas tienen por objeto ayudarle a realizar sus preparaciones micrográficas de muestras de diferentes tipos y aconsejarle sobre los métodos de pulido y el uso de su microscopio.