Grinding Polishing consumables

Grinding and polishing consumables

A full range of consumables for any need

Whatever your material and whatever your preparation goal, discover new opportunities to optimize your grinding and polishing process.

  • Achieve valid, accurate and reproducible results with Struers proven methods and high quality consumables
  • Protect your investment with consumables optimized to work together with your Struers equipment
  • Minimize your risk, ensure uptime and reduce inventory costs with our robust global supply chain

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Optimize your grinding and polishing process

Mechanical preparation is the most common method of preparing materialographic specimens for microscopic examination. Abrasives are used in successively finer steps to remove material from the specimen, until the required result is reached. This process can broadly be divided into grinding and polishing.

Are you looking for perfect results from your true structure? Or perhaps a few artifacts are acceptable as long as they do not disturb your analysis? No matter your preparation goal, we can help you optimize your process with consumables and methods for the whole grinding and polishing process.

A grinding consumable for any need

Perhaps you need a flexible grinding surface for the occasional specimen? Or a high-performance solution for a high-volume lab? Choose from our full range of consumables for plane grinding and fine grinding any material – hard or soft, ductile or brittle. No matter your lab set-up, equipment or preparation goal, we can help you maximize your reproducibility and optimize your quality, speed or efficiency without over-processing.

For high quality results optimized to your material

With an MD grinding surface dedicated to your specific material, you can achieve a very plane specimen with virtually no artifacts in a short amount of time. The MD surfaces are ideal if you work with automated set-ups, such as the Tegramin, AbraPol, Hexamatic, and more automated version of the LaboSystem.

SiC paper and foil portfolio

For an all-round, flexible, and reliable solution

If you work with many different materials and tasks, SiC Foils and Papers provide an efficient solution. Our high quality SiC Foils and Papers ensure reproducibility for those who want a fast grinding step. SiC Papers are best suited for labs with multiple stations and manual set-ups such as the LaboSystem, while SiC Foils are typically for automated set-ups.

Grinding stone and diamond grinding disc

For high removal and ultra-fast plane grinding

Our grinding stones and diamond grinding disc provide consistently high removal for ultra-fast plane grinding. Particularly suited for large specimens, there is a stone or disc for high removal grinding for any material. Our stones and disc require a station just for high removal grinding, such as the AbraPlan or Hexamatic, typically as part of a high-volume or high-throughput lab.

Grinding solution selection guide

Not sure which is right for you?

See a full overview of all our grinding consumables, or speak with our materialographic experts who can recommend the best methods and consumables for your specific situation.

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Polishing consumables

Polishing is performed using abrasive film and cloths in the case of diamond polishing together with a lubricant. The choice of cloth, diamond grain size and lubricant depends on the material to be polished. The first steps are usually performed using cloths with low resilience and, for soft materials, with a low-viscosity lubricant. For final polishing, cloths with higher resilience and a lubricant with high viscosity are used. Diamond suspensions and spray are used to obtain a constant removal rate.

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When Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB started using titanium, they did not know much about the grinding/polishing process. With this material, they could typically prepare only two to three scratched specimens per hour. They wanted to produce scratch-free specimens, quickly.


Mikael Bergren, Laboratory Technician at Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery and a colleague participated in Struers TPM (The Professional Materialographer) course, where they learned a completely new method.


Preparation time was reduced from up to 60 minutes for two to three specimens to just 11 minutes, and surface scratches were reduced significantly.

Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB

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Ensuring certainty

Minimize your supply chain risk and ensure uptime with high quality consumables, reliably delivered when you need them. All consumables ship within 48 hours from our distribution centers across the U.S., Japan, China, Germany and Denmark. Our ISO 9001-certified LEAN production and strict, in-house quality control ensure all consumables perform as promised and contribute to a safer workplace.

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Grinding & Polishing consumables