Struers Service Guard


Availability, Predictability, and Uptime

Struers ServiceGuard is a comprehensive range of technical services and training designed to help you guard the availability, predictability, and uptime of your Struers equipment. Our experienced experts will work with you to determine the service level and content that best suit your particular requirements.

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Finding the best service solution that suits your particular requirements is the first step to obtaining an overall view of the possibilities in relation to your real needs.
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Risk Profile

Service Guard - Service Plans

Service plans

Strategic planning that prevents unexpected issues, protects uptime, and assures performance. By choosing a customized service plan, you can systematize your maintenance, ensure rapid support, or benefit from a performance assurance. You can choose between three levels.

Service Plans
Service Guard - Service Packages

Service packages

A complete, all-in-one service package contains essential services and training that help you ensure output to specification via rapid startup, optimize your processes, and ensure maximum uptime. We assist you in selecting the services that are most important for your particular needs to make sure that you have the services and product training you require.

Service Packages
Service Guard - Single Service

Single services

Single services focus on individual tasks that usually become necessary as the result of an issue affecting quality, efficiency, or uptime. A single service resolves an isolated issue. If you use single services more than once, it will probably be to your advantage to choose one of the service plans.

Single Services
Service Guard - Spare Parts

Spare parts

Struers original spare parts are designed to ensure reliability. All original spare parts are always updated to the latest Struers quality specifications. We make sure that you receive the right parts for your equipment, so that you can restore preparation and testing quality and bring preparation costs back to normal.

Spare Parts
Service Guard - Service Engineers

Service engineers

Service is not only about sustaining optimum performance for our customers. It also provides peace of mind and more time to deal with other issues. The value we deliver comes from our commitment, experience, and expertise over many years, and the confidence and trust of our customers.

Service Engineers


Time is of the essence if you suddenly face an unexpected problem that could impact your own performance. You can count on us to ensure rapid delivery of spare parts and the availability of an experienced service engineer – wherever you are.

Struers Technical Service


Properly installed, maintained, and optimized equipment gives you peace of mind by ensuring maximum uptime. You can depend on us to train your operatives in correct usage of your equipment in order to ensure constant quality and performance.

Struers Technical Service


Your customers need the certainty of valid testing. Regular planned maintenance by experienced Struers field service engineers is the key to high test predictability, delivery, and cost optimization.


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