Fully automatic cut-off machine, designed for maximum user friendliness

Axitom facts

  • Largest cutting table in its class
  • Three different cutting modes
  • Automatic serial cutting
  • Automatic cleaning
  • User-friendly operation
  • Optimized feed for fastest cutting
  • Corrosion-resistant cutting chamber
  • 350 mm (14”) diameter cut-off wheel size

Axitom is a fully automatic cut-off machine designed for maximum user friendliness. Axitom is ideal for the production floor with its very large cutting table and easy-to-use controls. The spacious cutting chamber is equipped with two automatic cutting tables. The X-table for serial cutting of parallel sections and the Y-table for cutting of extra deep workpieces. Cutting parameters such as feed speed, force, and stop positions are easily controlled using the multifunction knob.

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Multi-function flexibility

Axitom is ideal for cutting the hardest materials and sectioning of large workpieces. It features four programmed MultiCut modes, one of which interacts with the built-in database function to enable fast, productivity-enhancing changes between cutting methods.

Easy to use

The robust joystick is designed for production environments and can be moved in three different axes to control the cut-off wheel and both the X- and Y-tables. The Multifunction knob is used for setting all cutting parameters, and can be operated even with work gloves. A large graphical display with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels enables display of all cutting parameters at a single glance, even at a distance.

Easy machine care

AxioWash* is an automatic chamber cleaning function that can be used every day to keep the machine in optimal working condition. All it requires from the user is cleaning of the horizontal surfaces.

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  • Axitom ExciCut

    ExciCut – cutting of the hardest materials

    ExciCut uses an oscillating movement of the cut-off wheel to reduce the contact area between the cut-off wheel and workpiece. This enables cutting of very hard materials in very large sizes, and also the use of harder cut-off wheels, which increases the lifetime of the wheels, thus reducing costs.

    ExciCut – cutting of the hardest materials
  • Axitom AxioCut Step

    AxioCut – sectioning of extra-large workpieces

    AxioCut adds 150 mm cutting capacity for extra-large workpieces. The field-upgradable option includes Step cutting for very fast cutting, combined with better wheel economy.

    AxioCut – sectioning of extra-large workpieces
  • Axitom Direct Cut


    Classic cutting mode, where the cut-off wheel moves straight down into the workpiece using the preset feed speed.

  • Axitom MultiCut


    Automatic serial cutting

  • Axitom OptiFeed

    OptiFeed – intelligent feed control

    OptiFeed optimizes the feed speed without sacrificing the quality of the cut or good wheel economy. During cutting, Axitom continuously measures the load on the cutting arm. As soon as the preset force limit is reached, the feed speed is reduced to avoid damage. The feed rate is increased again once the force decreases again.

    OptiFeed – intelligent feed control
  • Axitom AxioWash


    Struers' patented* automatic chamber cleaning function that can be used every day to keep the machine in optimal working condition. * AxioWash is protected under EP Pat no. 1965947.

  • Axitom Database function

    Database function

    Storage of up to ten cutting methods

    Database function
  • Axitom Spacious cutting chamber with LED lighting

    Spacious cutting chamber with LED lighting

    Easy access and visibility

    Spacious cutting chamber with LED lighting
  • Axitom User-friendly operation

    User-friendly operation

    With three-axis joystick and multi-function knob

    User-friendly operation
  • Axitom Spacious cutting chamber

    Spacious cutting chamber

    Largest cutting table in its class

    Spacious cutting chamber
  • Axitom Adjustable cutting table

    Two automatic cutting tables

    X-table for cutting of parallel sections Y-table for extra deep workpieces

    Two automatic cutting tables
  • Axitom Large graphical display

    Large graphical display

    All information - at a single glance

    Large graphical display


Model types


Axitom-5 automatic cutoff machine


Automatic cut-off machine with ExciCut, AxioCut Step, MultiCut, Direct Cut, and OptiFeed. With automatic X-table and automatic Y-table. 5.5 - 6.5 kW motor. For 350 mm dia. cut-off wheels. Cooling unit, drain, and clamping tools have to be ordered separately.

Struers’ equipment is in conformity with the provisions of the applicable international directives and their appurtenant standards.
Struers’ products are subject to constant product development. Therefore, we reserve the right to introduce changes to our products without notice.

Technical Data

Axitom-5 Technical Data Sheet

Struers Technical Data Sheets are designed to help you make the best choice of equipment for your particular purpose. You can find important information such as capacity and performance specifications, dimensions, weight, electrical data, noise levels, ambient conditions, and safety. In many cases you can also obtain an overview of accessories offering higher capacity and performance.

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Technical Data Sheet

Ensuring certainty with Struers tailored support services

To optimize your processes, enhance your quality control performance and ensure equipment availability, we offer a wide range of services, training and support.

From preventive maintenance to training and process analysis, our Service Plans, Service Packages and Single Services are delivered by experienced technical service engineers and application specialists – and can be tailored to match your needs.
Magnutom Axitom Exotom Consumables

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A wide range of cut-off wheels and accessories for all types of materialographic preparation is available.

  • Cut-off wheels
  • Clamping Tools
  • Cooling System

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Correct preparation solutions

"True structures require proper and correct applications. Different material properties require broad application knowledge. Struers application specialists are experts in optimizing preparation methods, because application knowledge is necessary to select the correct preparation solutions. Your material – our application solutions.”

Birgitte Nielsen
Application Specialist, Struers ApS

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My relationship with Struers dates back over many years. The reason is their expert advice, good service, and their use of our application laboratory in the case of difficult questions that are best resolved on-site. WWU Münster, Institut für Planetologie Ursula Heitmann Mineral Specimen Preparer
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Since adopting Struers equipment, we have made significant savings within our manufacturing process as a result of reduced manpower requirements and productivity improvements. Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK Ltd. John Smart Production Supervisor
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