Fully automatic, high volume sectioning in rough environments


  • Cutting capacity 125 x 290 mm / 5.0" x 11.5"
  • Fully automatic high volume cutting machine
  • Cut-off wheel size 350 or 400 mm / 14.0” or 16.0” dia.
  • Strong motor and usage monitoring ensures high uptime
  • Spacious cutting chamber for large and irregular workpieces
  • Fully operational with working gloves for rough environments and industrial production
  • Automatic serial cutting reduces clamping, sectioning, and operator time
  • Advanced cutting modes ensure the perfect cut every time

If you visit some of the largest automotive materialographic facilities around the world, there is a good chance that you will come across the Axitom fully automatic cutting machine. One of the reasons for this is the fact that Axitom meets the very specific demands which the automotive industry makes regarding workpiece sizes, complex shapes, and serial cuts. A very large cutting chamber, automatic tables, and movement in X, Y, and Z directions allows for positioning, clamping, and sectioning of both large, complex, and irregular workpieces. Axitom is available in two models and multiple versions, and throughout this webpage the full-featured model is displayed. Get an overview of all versions at the bottom of this page.

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Never again falling short on uptime due to a strong motor, automatic process, and usage monitoring.

Along with Axitom’s powerful motor, the overload protection, and the OptiFeed intelligent feed control protects you from motor overload. The valuable information from the mileage monitoring together with the AxioWash automatic cleaning ensures you maximum uptime of Axitom’s fully automatic cutting machine and the extension of the total lifetime of the machine.

Irregular and large workpieces? Don’t worry. You will have plenty of room for extra clamping.

The cutting table in Axitom measures 591 x 492 mm (23.3” x 19.4”), and on top of that, with the two automatic tables, a movement of 100 mm (4.0”) in X-direction and 150 mm (5.9”) in Y-direction can be added. This allows for positioning, clamping, and sectioning of very large and irregular workpieces in Axitom. In addition, a large space underneath the cut-off wheel allows for very high workpieces up to 200 mm (8.0”) to be clamped.

Perfectly suited for rough environments – fully operable with working gloves.

All functions are controlled by only two control units, the three-axes joystick and the multifunction knob, making operation extremely user-friendly. The joystick is very robust, designed for production environments and industrial production. It can be moved in three different axes, controlling the cut-off wheel and both the X- and Y-table. The multifunction knob is used for setting all cutting parameters, and can be operated even with heavy-duty working gloves.


  • Axitom ExciCut

    Automatic X- and Y-table for sectioning in series and of extra-long workpieces

    With the automatic X-table, great possibilities open. Axitom cutting machines, equipped with the automatic X-table, have a total of four Multi-Cut modes available, which enables you to do serial sectioning without repositioning your workpiece. The automatic Y-table is for extra-deep workpieces and extra-large specimens using the AxioCut cutting mode.

    Automatic X- and Y-table for sectioning in series and of extra-long workpieces
  • Axitom AxioCut Step

    ExciCut for hard materials and reducing cut-off wheel costs

    ExciCut mode is an oscillating movement of the cut-off wheel to reduce the contact area with the workpiece and minimize the risk of thermal damage. In this way you can section very hard materials with better results and a better lifetime of the cut-off wheel.

    ExciCut for hard materials and reducing cut-off wheel costs
  • Axitom Direct Cut

    AxioCut step for fast sectioning of extra-large workpieces

    AxioCut Step is a movement of both the automatic Y-table and the cut-off wheel to enhance the cutting capacity. The table has a movement of 150 mm (5.9”), and the possible sample size to be sectioned is thus increased by the same amount. This means that Axitom-5/400 can handle workpieces up to 125 x 290 mm / 4.9” x 11.4” and Axitom-5 can handle workpieces up to 110 x 245 mm / 4.3” x 9.6. The cut-off wheel moves up and down the sample, minimizing the contact area, and avoiding overheating and thermal damage.

    AxioCut step for fast sectioning of extra-large workpieces
  • Axitom MultiCut

    AxioWash automatic cleaning program – a minimum effort to keep your machine in top shape

    Maintenance and cleaning can be some of the most time-consuming elements of the cutting process, but not with the Axitom cutting machine. AxioWash is Struers’ patented cleaning program that automatically cleans the inside of the machine, and afterwards, you only need to clean the horizontal surfaces inside the chamber. That’s it - the machine is now ready for the following day. When AxioWash is used every day, only a minimum of effort is needed.

    AxioWash automatic cleaning program – a minimum effort to keep your machine in top shape
  • Axitom OptiFeed

    OptiFeed intelligent feed control to avoid motor overload

    Struers has developed OptiFeed intelligent feed control to eliminate the risk of damaging your workpiece, the cut-off wheel, or the motor when sectioning materials with varying properties which require different feed speed settings. With the help from OptiFeed, Axitom continuously measures the load on the cutting arm. The pre-set feed and force values are maximum values, and when the machine detects force exceeding the pre-set force limit, it will automatically decrease the feed speed to protect the workpiece, cut-off wheel, and equipment. The speed is automatically adjusted up and down to aim for a force as close to the limit as possible. The feed is thereby constantly optimized without sacrificing the quality of the cut or good wheel economy, and you get the fastest possible cut.

    OptiFeed intelligent feed control to avoid motor overload
  • Axitom AxioWash

    Store cutting sequences and save valuable time when setting up

    Save setup time by storing cutting sequences for reoccurring workpieces, ensuring that your samples are ideal for the next step in your preparation process. Choose from four different serial cutting modes to do your serial sectioning exactly as you want.

    Store cutting sequences and save valuable time when setting up
  • Axitom Database function

    Three-axes joystick and multi-function knob for fast and easy positioning

    Intuitive user interface combined with the easy to use multifunction knob and positioning of the three axes with the joystick, makes the machine programming fast and ensures a precise setup of cutting sequences.

    Three-axes joystick and multi-function knob for fast and easy positioning
  • Axitom Spacious cutting chamber with LED lighting

    Optional 350/400 mm cut-off wheel

    Choose the Axitom model with the right cut-off wheel size to fit your exact needs. Depending on the size of your workpieces, choose the Axitom model with cut-off wheel size giving the right capacity for your application. See the bottom of this page for the different Axitom models.

    Optional 350/400 mm cut-off wheel
  • Axitom User-friendly operation

    12 mm T-slots clamping tools for virtually anything!

    Choose from a wide range of versatile 12 mm T-slot clamping tools. Enjoy the easy clamping of different geometries with the use of Struers quick clamps or vertical clamps. A wide range of support tools are available for more advanced geometries. See the Axitom brochure for the full selection.

    12 mm T-slots clamping tools for virtually anything!
  • Axitom Spacious cutting chamber

    AutoStop allows you to leave the machine unattended

    You can program Axitom to stop automatically when it registers that the workpiece is cut through. This saves you time as it ensures that the cut is always followed through completely.

    AutoStop allows you to leave the machine unattended


Model types

Axitom is available in two versions.


Axitom-5 automatic cutoff machine
Axitom-5 is ideal if you want a 350 mm / 14.0” cut-off wheel and to section workpieces sized up to 110 x 245 mm / 4.3” x 9.6”.

Axitom-5/400 is ideal if you want a 400 mm / 16.0” cut-off wheel and to section workpieces sized up to 125 x 290 mm / 4.9” x 11.4”.
Axitom model types

Struers’ equipment is in conformity with the provisions of the applicable international directives and their appurtenant standards.
Struers’ products are subject to constant product development. Therefore, we reserve the right to introduce changes to our products without notice.

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