Small, automatic precision cutting machine for gentle sectioning of delicate workpieces


  • Workpieces up to 30 x 40 mm
  • High-precision tabletop machine
  • Low speed protects against heat deformation
  • Accuracy of +0.01 mm
  • 75-125 mm (3-5’’) CBN and diamond cut-off wheels

A small, low-speed, automatic precision cutting machine for sectioning delicate materialographic workpieces that can’t tolerate the heat generated by high-speed cutting. The gravity feed design allows for sectioning of various material types, with high accuracy and reproducibility. Minitom is designed with speed and efficiency in mind. The simple design means it only takes a few minutes to setup a cut, and the machine can be set to stop automatically once the cut is done, giving you more time to work on other tasks.

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Get a high-quality cut in delicate materials

With Minitom, you can section small and delicate materialographic workpieces that can’t tolerate the heat generated by high-speed cutting. Whatever type of material your work with, the gravity feed design enables you to section deformation-free samples with high reproducibility.

Work with extremely high accuracy and precision

Minitom enables you to section workpieces to an accuracy of +0.01 mm using the micrometer screw, making it ideal for small pieces that require high precision.

Work fast to increase your throughput and efficiency

Minitom is designed with simplicity in mind, enabling you to work fast. It only takes a few minutes to fix the workpiece and set the stop position, cutting pressure and cut-off wheel rotational speed – so you can cut more pieces in less time and increase overall efficiency.

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  • Minitom movable arm

    Movable specimen holder arm

    This arm acts as a steelyard with two weights. One balances the specimen holder with the specimen; the other is used to set the exact cutting pressure. During cutting, the arm is guided down over the cut-off wheel using the pressure from the cutting weight.

    Movable specimen holder arm
  • Minitom specimen protection

    Constant speed, even at high loads

    Select the required cut-off wheel rotational speed and the motor will ensure the speed remains constant, even at high loads. For extra protection against damage, the sectioning pressure can be selected independently from the weight of the workpiece.

    Constant speed, even at high loads
  • Minitom overload alert

    Avoid thermal overload

    The overload indicator gives a visual warning if the cutting procedure needs to be stopped. To protect the motor from overload, thermal overload protection switches off the motor if the heat gets too high.

    Avoid thermal overload
  • Minitom cutting stop setting

    Cutting stop setting

    Minitom can be adjusted to stop sectioning at any stage of the operation (e.g. when the material is cut through) giving you more time to work on other tasks. Just set the task up and set Minitom running – then come back when the job is done.

    Cutting stop setting
  • Minitom easy specimen retrieval

    Cut-off wheel cooling tank

    To help protect your sample from heat deformation, the entire cutting process is liquid-cooled. The cooling liquid drains back into the coolant tank. For easy cleaning, the coolant tank is simple to remove.

    Cut-off wheel cooling tank


Model types

Minitom low-speed precision cutoff machine
Minitom is a low-speed precision cut-off machine for sectioning small and delicate materialographic workpieces that can’t tolerate the heat generated by high-speed cutting. It can handle various material types and comes with a universal specimen holder and flange set (65 mm diameter and 42 mm diameter).
Cut-off wheels, cutting fluid and additional specimen holders are ordered separately.

Specimen holder arm

Balance weight 200 g / 7 ounces
Cutting weight 350 g / 12 ounces

Cut-off wheel

Size 75 - 125 mm / 3 - 5”
Arbor size 12.7 mm / 0,5”
Rational speed 100 - 420 rpm
Cutting capacity 30 x 40 mm / 1.2” x 1.6”
Motor power 38 W
Controls Touchpad and turn knob
Recirculation cooling tank 250 ml / 0.07 gallons
Noise level LPA = 58 dB(A)
Surrounding temperature 5 - 40° C / -13 -131° F
Humidity Less than 95 % RH non-condensing


Voltage / frequency 100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Safety In compliance with all relevant EU directives

Dimensions and weight

Width 28 cm / 11"
Depth 40 cm / 15.7"
Height 40 cm / 15.7"
Weight 8 kg / 17.6 lbs.

Struers’ equipment is in conformity with the provisions of the applicable international directives and their appurtenant standards.
Struers’ products are subject to constant product development. Therefore, we reserve the right to introduce changes to our products without notice.

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