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Welcome to our core story

At Struers we have ensured certainty and helped our customers excel for more than 148 years. Our focus has been materialography and today we are the global leader within this field. But why is this? What is it, that separates us from our competitors?

The essence of the Struers brand is encapsulated in our vision, values, purpose, image, and mission. Each of these parts guide our actions, for example when we improve products and services, or develop new ones; when we serve our customers; how we behave as an organization; and the way we contribute to the betterment of society and our environment.

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Why we are here

In the wake of industrialization, our founder, Holger F. Struer, saw the need for developing research capabilities based on chemical analysis, and founded Struers in 1875.
Ever since, it has been our goal to exploit deep scientific insights to develop ground-breaking technologies and solutions, which contribute to improve our lives and make the world a better place.

To this day, we continue to pursue this ambition in our efforts to grow the Struers business and our contributions to modern society, by partnering with our customers in their exploration of materials, pursuit of safe products and sustainable use of natural resources.

The way we see ourselves

Mutual respect

Mutual Respect

We meet our colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders with mutual respect.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge Sharing

We share knowledge to develop insights and competences and grow our innovation as a team.

Continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement

We continuously improve our products, the services we provide, the processes we share, our team and the way we work together, to deliver results.

What we do

We provide better and faster solutions and results for materials science, advanced technology, and industry.

How we would like to be seen


We want our customers to regard us as part of their team and perceive Struers as the future-proof partner in progress.

Our complete solutions and global support should be perceived as safe, accurate, fast and efficient.

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Where we are going

We aim to be the leading provider of innovative materialographic solutions, products and services, with customer satisfaction second to none.


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Struers is a global company with a strong heritage, a large product portfolio within metallographic preparation, an insightful materialographic philosophy and most importantly highly skilled and motivated employees.

We invite you to get a better understanding of our world by reading more at the below pages. Happy reading.