Struers Spare Parts

Spare parts

Struers original spare parts are available for all Struers equipment for at least ten years after the equipment's installation.

Struers original spare parts are designed to ensure reliability. All original spare parts are always updated to the latest Struers quality specifications. We make sure that you receive the right parts for your equipment, so that you can restore preparation and testing quality and bring preparation costs back to normal.

How to order

You can order spare parts or a service kit by contacting Struers.

Critical parts

We guarantee that critical parts are always in stock and will be dispatched to you immediately.

Wear parts

Wear parts will be dispatched as quickly as possible. Delivery time, however, may be longer than that of critical parts. If you have a service plan, all wear parts will be replaced automatically by a Struers field service engineer.

Service kits

You can also order a service kit for your particular machine. This ensures that you have all of the wear parts required for a particular maintenance task.

Service Assistance

If you require assistance, either for planned maintenance or in the event of an acute situation, you should consider a service plan. This can be customized to your particular needs and will ensure reliable performance over the next maintenance interval. Alternatively, you can purchase a preventive maintenance service to ensure correct and timely installation of wear parts, and an evaluation of your current equipment status.
Struers Support Commitment

The Struers Support Commitment

The Struers Support Commitment applies to every Struers customer. It gives you access to our global support network and application expertise – to help you improve availability, predictability and uptime.

  • Access to our global support hotline and network of technical service engineers
  • Advice and support from highly qualified application specialists to help optimize your processes and performance
  • Online documentation support
  • An annual service review
  • Access to a complete range of value-adding services
  • Rapid delivery of spare parts globally

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