A high-performing grinding/polishing machine with up to 350 mm disc size for fast and efficient preparation

AbraPol-30 facts

  • High capacity for large specimens
  • Powerful and fast preparation
  • Adjustable dosing units
  • User-friendly interface and design
  • Controlled material removal
  • Method database
  • Easy method creation
  • Maximum operator safety

AbraPol-30 is an advanced, semi-automatic machine for grinding and polishing of specimens in specimen holders. Double dosing of diamond suspensions and lubricants ensures best distribution and thus an optimal utilization of the consumables. AbraPol-30 is designed for laboratories or workplaces carrying out testing of large specimens or a high volume of specimens. 

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Excellent for large specimens holders

AbraPol-30 grinding/polishing machine features a unique double dosing of diamond suspensions and lubricants for the best distribution. The double dosing system makes the machine eminently suitable for preparing specimens on up to 350 mm/14” dia. discs using a 200 mm/8” dia. specimen holder.

Preparation methods ensure reproducibility and consistency

Consistent preparation procedures are required to ensure repeatability and reproducibility. AbraPol-30 includes 10 Struers Metalog Guide methods, which cover all major material groups. They are developed for maximum performance and allow the operator to get started right away. They also provide an excellent starting point for development of own methods. AbraPol-30 includes a method database able to store as many as 200 preparation methods.

Precise and powerful performance

AbraPol-30 is characterized by an exceptionally stable and robust design with an extremely solid frame for reproducible grinding/polishing and powerful motors. The design limits vibrations, which supports the ability to work with large and heavy specimen holders many hours a day.

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  • AbraPol-30 Double dosing of suspensions

    Double dosing of suspensions/lubricants

    AbraPol-30 is designed for both 300 and 350 mm (12” - 14”) dia. discs, and to active the best distribution of suspensions and lubricants, these are dosed via two dosing nozzles. To obtain equal quantity from the nozzles the DP-Pump unit contains two pumps, one for each dosing nozzle.

    Double dosing of suspensions/lubricants
  • AbraPol-30 Calibration of dosing pumps

    Individual pump units

    AbraPol-30 can be equipped with up to six individual Pump units to cover all purposes. Up to six DP-Pump units can be mounted and maximum two of them can be replaced with a OP-Pump unit. The OP-Pump unit is special because the tubes are cleaned with water after end preparation to avoid clogging of tubes and nozzles.

    Individual pump units
  • AbraPol-30 Stainless steel bowl

    Stainless steel bowl

    Specimens can sometimes be lost during the preparation and can damage the bowl. To avoid breaking the bowl we have decided to produce it in a corrosion resistant high-quality stainless steel for greatest strength and safety. To underline quality, it comes with a lifetime corrosion warranty on breakthrough corrosion. A special AbraPol-30 disposable bowl liner for easy cleaning of the bowl is available.

    Stainless steel bowl
  • AbraPol-30 Large outlet

    Non clogging outlet

    The large 50 mm/2" dia. outlet and drain tube with a smooth inner surface secure that the grinding water does not clog up in the bowl. The outlet in the bowl can easily be cleaned using a brush/bottle-brush without risking to push the drain tube away from the outlet.

    Non clogging outlet
  • AbraPol-30 Removal rate sensor

    Removal rate sensor

    AbraPol-30 is equipped with a sensor to accurately measure the material removal. Using the material removal instead of time can in many situations be a huge advantage. In the case of small specimens, there is a risk of too much material being removed, while large specimens or hard materials may hardly be touched.

    Removal rate sensor
  • AbraPol-30 Integrated recirculation unit

    Integrated recirculation unit

    A recirculation cooling unit can be connected for cost-efficient water utilization when grinding and to collect removed abrasives. Struers recirculation unit is integrated into the machine with easy access for maintenance and control of the cooling water. The three phases recirculation pump is connected directly to the AbraPol-30 resulting in that the emergency stop also controls the recirculation pump.

    Integrated recirculation unit
  • AbraPol-30 Variable disc and specimen holder rotation

    Variable disc and specimen holder rotation speed

    Both disc and specimen holder rotation speed can be adjusted for either very careful or fast preparation. The disc speed can be set from 40 – 600 rpm and specimen holder speed from 50 - 300 rpm.

    Variable disc and specimen holder rotation speed
  • AbraPol-30 Strong safety cover

    Strong safety cover

    AbraPol-30 features a strong, transparent safety cover for maximum operator safety. The safety cover keeps fumes inside the machine and is noise reducing. In manual mode, the preparation disc can turn without the safety cover locked. Otherwise, the machine cannot be started before the cover is closed. The cover can only be opened again when the machine has stopped completely. AbraPol-30 features an emergency stop, which stops all machine functions when engaged.

    Strong safety cover
  • AbraPol-30 External extraction of fumes

    External extraction of fumes

    The working environment can be improved by connecting the machine to an external exhaust system via the built-in exhaust tube for safe extraction of fumes, e.g. from alcohol-based consumables.

    External extraction of fumes
  • AbraPol-30 User-friendly interface

    User-friendly interface

    AbraPol-30 is very easy to operate, making extensive training unnecessary. A large clear display with large icons offers the operator a perfect overview of process parameters. The multipurpose turn/push knob makes navigation easier than ever and a countdown feature allows the operator to see the remaining preparation time or remaining material removal.

    User-friendly interface
  • AbraPol-30 Beacon


    A beacon can help the operator to monitor the actual working condition from a long distance. The different colour lamps on the beacon can be set up individually to give the operator exactly the status information he requires.

  • AbraPol 30 Pump

    Calibration of DP-Pump units

    An important factor to obtain a reproducible preparation result is equal dosing of the suspensions and lubricants. To lower the dosing tolerances the AbraPol-30 DP-Pump units can be calibrated by following a special calibration procedure included in the software.

    Calibration of DP-Pump units


Model types

Precise and powerful performance



Advanced semi-automatic machine for grinding and polishing of specimens in specimen holders up to 200 mm/8” dia. A removal rate sensor and a transparent safety cover are included. Suspension/lubricant and oxide suspension pump units, recirculation cooling tank, pump and filter, grinding/polishing discs, and specimen holders are available separately. 

AbraPol-30 with shift valve

AbraPol-30 with shift valve

AbraPol-30 with shift valve

Advanced semi-automatic machine for grinding and polishing of specimens in specimen holders up to 200 mm/8” dia. A removal rate sensor, a transparent safety cover, and a shift valve for recirculation or drain are included. Suspension/lubricant and oxide suspension pump units, recirculation cooling tank, pump and filter, grinding/polishing discs, and specimen holders are available separately. 

Struers’ equipment conforms with the provisions of the applicable International Directives and their appurtenant Standards. Struers’ products are subject to constant product development. Thus, we reserve the right to introduce changes in our products without notice.

Technical Data

AbraPol-30 Technical Data Sheet

Struers Technical Data Sheets are designed to help you make the best choice of equipment for your particular purpose. You can find important information such as capacity and performance specifications, dimensions, weight, electrical data, noise levels, ambient conditions, and safety. In many cases you can also obtain an overview of accessories offering higher capacity and performance.

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Technical Data Sheet

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