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Be inspired by industries worldwide using Struers solutions to meet their metallographic needs and preparation challenges. Take a deeper dive to understand their challenges and how our experts and preparation solutions helped to maximize accuracy, efficiency, and reproducibility.

Below you will find a selection of business cases where our equipment, solutions, and knowledge training have been used to improve the preparation process in various industries.

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Sample preparation and material testing play pivotal roles across diverse industries and the entire value chain. Whether in manufacturing, research and development, or quality control, these processes are critical for ensuring materials and products' reliability, functionality, and safety.

From research labs to manufacturing facilities, sample preparation and material testing set the foundation for accurate and representative testing. Properly prepared samples enable researchers and engineers to draw meaningful conclusions about the properties and performance of materials.

Be inspired by case studies across industries and how each company has solved their challenges and improved their results.
Duramin case story MAN

Hardness Tester increases efficiency

MAN Energy Solutions, one of the world’s leading suppliers of marine industry engines, wanted to boost the efficiency of hardness testing of thermal spray-coated parts. The solution was to automate hardness testing with Duramin-40.

Product: Hardness Tester Duramin-40
Company: MAN Energy Solutions
Challenge: Efficiently hardness test thermal spray-coated cast iron parts.
Results: A faster and more efficient process performed on one machine.

VSM Case Story

VSM (Value Stream Mapping) improves productivity

The main goal for GE Aerospace is to prepare for a higher volume of samples while maintaining consistent, high-quality preparation. GE Aerospace partnered with Struers to use the LEAN VSM principles to map the current state of the sample preparation process.

Product: LEAN Value Stream Mapping with Struers Application Specialists
Company: GE Aerospace
Challenge: How to increase samples by 20–30% with fewer man-dependent processes
Results: Development of plan for implementation of process improvements

Galperti case Story

Galperti Group automates irregular sample preparation

The Galperti Group has transformed the preparation of irregular unmounted specimens with the Flexible Specimen Holder, reducing the manual preparation time from up to 15 minutes to just 3 minutes. This process also achieves a superior finish, eliminating the need for an extra polishing step.

Product: Flexible Specimen holder
Company: Galperti Group
Challenge: To automate the preparation of irregular samples
Results: Improved repeatability & efficiency from 15 to 3 minutes

Case story Rodin Car

The race to develop the ultimate track car

As one of the world’s most innovative car developers, Rodin Cars has a singular purpose: To create the ultimate single-seat track racing car. It uses a full Struers laboratory to develop materials, surface finishes, and manufacturing processes.

Product: Full range of Struers materialographic equipment
Company: Rodin Cars
Challenge: How to test new materials, surface finishes, and production process
Results: Production of track cars with light 4.0-litre 10-cylinder engines

Magnutom case story MAN

Magnutom reduced costs and emissions

MAN Energy Solutions, one of the world’s leading suppliers of marine industry engines, handles many large engine parts. Previously, these parts had to be shipped to an external supplier for metallographic cutting. Now, with Struers Magnutom cutting machine, MAN Energy Solutions can section many of these parts in-house, reducing time, costs, and emissions.

Product: Magnutom cutting machine
Company: MAN Energy Solutions
Challenge: Cut large and medium-sized cast iron specimens in-house.
Results: 25% more samples cut in-house, reducing time, costs, and transport emissions.

Air Case Story

Air increase weld analysis business

Asset Inspection Resources’ goal of doubling its weld analysis business is fast becoming a reality with the addition of StructureExpert Weld-5. The equipment has increased AIR’s efficiency by capturing accurate, to-scale weld measurements and high-resolution photos in seconds. Many of AIR’s top customers also value the high-quality and optimal-contrast images the StructureExpert Weld-5 provides.

Product: StructureExpert Weld-5
Company: AIR (Asset Inspection Resources)
Challenge: Hot to double the size of weld inspection business
Results: Improved quality, accuracy, and repeatability of weld analysis

Siemens Secotom

Preparation time reduced from 60 to 11 minutes

Swedish Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB had trouble preparing a new material, titanium. The preparation time was far too long, and the titanium surface was full of scratches. Discover the new method they learned at the Struers TPM course which resulted in what a highly experienced colleague called the best samples he had ever seen.

Product: TPM Courses
Company: Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB
Challenge: How to produce scratch-free samples, quickly
Results: Reduction of prep time from up to 60 to just 11 minutes


Increasing throughput with Struers hardness testing solution

Materials testing laboratory, MechTest wanted to increase their throughput of customer samples with a faster and more consistent process in weld examination and hardness testing. With their new automated and standardized Struers solution they create a better service for their clients.

Product: StructureExpert Weld, Duramin-40 AC3, and LaboSystem
Company: MechTest
Challenge: How to boost throughput in weld examination and hardness testing
Results: Weld examination time reduced to 10 minutes per sample


A cutting edge with space-age technology

When the European Space Agency is planning a launch, the team at Modis International check the materials. The components are complex, and Modis is keen to work with the latest methods and equipment. Following an advanced training course with Struers, Modis introduced new streamlined processes that save valuable time when working with complex components.

Product: TPM Courses
Company: Modis International
Challenge: How to get up-to-date with the newest methods and equipment
Results: Streamline processes and save time from existing processes


How Robert Bosch SRL increased hidden-target precision to within 5 µm

The automotive electronics division of Robert Bosch in Romania was looking for a way to increase precision when preparing very small hidden targets in microelectronic boards. Our solution not only increased precision to within 5 µm, but also cut preparation time in half and reduced consumables consumption.

Product: Accutom and TargetSystem
Company: Bosch Engineering Center Cluj
Challenge: How to prepare small and hidden targets without deformation
Results: Precision +/- 5 µm, reduction of time + consumable consumption


The perfect precision cut on complex turbine components

Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery prepares turbine components for materialographic analysis. The parts are often small and uneven, with additive manufactured components, making them very tricky to clamp and cut. Siemens wanted a cutting machine that was precise, fast and efficient – and gave them unlimited clamping options. Our solution was the Secotom-60 precision cutting machine.

Product: Secotom
Company: Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery
Challenge: How to precision cut and clamp odd-shaped turbine components
Results: A fast, silent and easy cutting process with no limit to clamping

CIE Praga Louny Case story

Optimized quality tests reduce costs by 50 %

Time plays a vital role within the production process at CIE Praga Louny, a.s., that produces mainly machine parts. And After installing an additional new production line, they wanted a more efficient method for quality testing the hardening of produced flanges. In cooperation with Struers, the company developed a new sectioning process that increased feed speed by 50 %, reduced costs by 50 %, and increased cut-off wheel lifetime three times.

Product: Alumina cut-off wheels
Company: CIE Praga Louny
Challenge: Hot to increase and simplify production capacity in lab
Results: 3X longer lifetime of cut-off wheels and 50% reduction of costs


Eliminating artifacts in high alloyed steel

High alloyed steel producer Uddeholm was facing a stiff challenge: How to eliminate halfmoon-shaped scratches in its samples. Uddeholm’s solution? Three employees signed up for a Struers training course to improve their skills. Today, the scratches are gone and Uddeholm has optimized its preparation methods.

Product: TPM Courses
Company: Uddeholm AB
Challenge: How to improve the materialographic troubleshooting skills
Results: Set up of reproducible methods with better troubleshooting skills


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