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The Professional Materialographer (TPM)

Courses in materialographic sample preparation

For more than 70 years, Struers has been one of the leading actors within materialographic sample preparation. By virtue of our position as a leading provider of materialographic preparation equipment we have assembled an outstanding wealth of knowledge and experience, which we would like to share via our materialographic sample preparation courses.

The Professional Materialographer (TPM)
The Professional Materialographer (TPM) is an intensive course combining theoretical training, practical exercises and hands-on training at one of Struers’ worldwide lab facilities. You will get the opportunity to prepare your own material and become an active part of the course from the beginning to the end, through the entire preparation process: Cutting, mounting, grinding, polishing and etching.

TPM Remote
Struers’ TPM course is also offered as a partly online course – called TPM Remote. Combining the best of two worlds, TPM Remote offers enhanced flexibility via live online theoretical training, video demonstrations and hands-on experience via on-site training at one of Struers’ worldwide lab facilities (optional).

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