Struers Service Guard


Availability, Predictability and Uptime

Struers ServiceGuard is a comprehensive range of technical services and training designed to help you guard the availability, predictability and uptime of your Struers equipment. Our experienced experts will work with you to determine the service level and content that best suit your particular requirements.

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Finding the best service solution that suits your particular requirements is the first step to obtaining an overall view of the possibilities in relation to your real needs.
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Time is of the essence if you suddenly face an unexpected problem that could impact your own performance. You can count on us to ensure rapid delivery of spare parts and the availability of an experienced service engineer – wherever you are.

Struers Technical Service


Properly installed, maintained and optimized equipment gives you peace of mind by ensuring maximum uptime. You can depend on us to train your operatives in correct usage of your equipment in order to ensure constant quality and performance.

Struers Technical Service


Your customers need certainty of valid testing. Regular planned maintenance by experienced Struers field service engineers is the key to high test predictability, delivery and cost optimization.


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