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Grinding Consumables

Grinding Consumables    Grinding is the first stage in mechanical material removal. Proper grinding removes damaged or deformed surface material while introducing as little new deformation as possible, thus preparing the sample surface for polishing. Grinding is divided into two processes: Plane Grinding (PG) and Fine Grinding (FG).

Plane Grinding Consumables

The grinding process always begins with plane grinding. Plane grinding ensures that the surfaces of all specimens are in the same condition before the preparation continues, and that the surfaces of all specimens in a specimen holder are at exactly the same level.

Relatively coarse abrasives which are firmly bonded to a disc surface give a high, fast material removal. Depending on the hardness of the material to be ground, different abrasives are used:

MD-System Grinding Discs reduce grinding processes to just two steps and cut the total preparation time. They are a direct replacement for SiC paper - plus they are more economical and produce superior specimens. Just like SiC paper, MD-System grinding discs use water for cooling. The MD-Disc (platen) is the only magnetic supporting disc needed to support all MD-System grinding and polishing consumables.
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Diamond Grinding Disc and Diamond Pad are available for plane grinding of ceramics and sintered carbides. Diamond Pad can also be used for the plane grinding of very hard, ferrous metals.
Struers consumables for plane grinding are carefully selected and developed for materialographic specimen preparation. A high material removal providing a uniform scratch pattern ensures fast completion of the first preparation step and allows for swift proceeding to the next step.

Fine Grinding Consumables

Single specimen preparation is usually started with fine grinding. Fine grinding must remove the deformation existing from cutting or plane grinding and produce a surface that is ready for polishing. Choosing the correct fine grinding materials is vitally important to ensure fast and economical preparation. Struers offers a wide range of options for fine grinding, allowing for the preparation of all materials, regardless of hardness and ductility.

Traditionally, fine grinding is carried out in several steps with SiC paper. This method is particularly common within manual preparation. The most efficient fine grinding procedure, however, involves diamond as abrasive. On MD-Allegro, MD-Largo or various fine grinding cloths, abrasive is applied during the process. The selection of cloth resilience will have a dramatic effect on such factors as the speed of material removal, planeness and edge retention. Furthermore, abrasive grain size can be precisely tailored to the material requirements.
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Ceramics or sintered carbides can also be fine ground using firmly bonded diamonds. For this purpose Diamond Grinding Disc and Diamond Pad are available.

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