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Rockwell Hardness Testers

Click for detail of N3D    N3A - Rockwell Bench Tester
Bench-top Rockwell hardness tester with analogue display (N3A). Loads available: 5/13.5/15/30/31.25/36.5/45/60/ 62.5/98/100/150/187.5 kgf. Test Methods: Rockwell, Plastics Testing acc. to ISO 2039-1 (Ball Indentation Hardness), HVT, HVB.

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Click for detail    DuraJet - Table-top Rockwell Tester
High-end Rockwell hardness testing machine with separate LCD touch screen display. With network integration possibilities. Load cell technology ensuring highest degree of reproducibility. Vertical test head and fixed table for optimal stability. Capable of testing all Rockwell methods, Plastics Testing acc. to ISO 2039-1 (Ball Indentation Hardness) and HVT/HVB.
Load range: 5-187.5 kgf.

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