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Expand your cutting universe - get more of what you expect in one cut-off machine

Discotom-100/-10 are versatile automatic and manual cut-off machines in one.

Largest cutting table in their class
Measuring 620 x 270 mm, the Discotom cutting table is almost twice the size of competing machines. A large selection of clamping tools for the 10 mm T-slots make it easy to clamp workpieces of almost any shape or size.

Unmatched user-friendliness
The icon-based user interface, the easy to operate turn/push knob and joystick, the automatic cleaning program AxioWash and the electric brake ensure easy operation and reduce the risk for user errors.

Latest cutting technologies
Discotom-100/-10 offer automatic and manual cutting capabilities. OptiFeed ensures the correct feed speed without compromising cut quality or wheel economy. Combine the manual cutting mode with ExciCut to allow faster cutting of even very hard materials.

Use one of the four MultiCut functions of the optional automatic x-table to cut slices of the same or varying thicknesses, or cut your workpiece precisely in pre-defined positions.

Take a 3D tour of Discotom-100/-10

Download the Discotom-100/-10 brochure (PDF) 1,096 kB

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