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Cut-Off Machines

Struers Magnutom-400/-500 - High capacity cut-off machine    Magnutom-400/-500 - High capacity cut-off machine
This high capacity, easy-to-use automatic cut-off machine delivers 24/7 precision cutting on a small footprint making it ideal for the laboratory or shop floor. The extra-large cutting table, large cut-off wheel, powerful DirectDrive motor and efficient cooling ensure precise and efficient cutting of large and oversized workpieces. Smartly designed for easy access and maximum usability with two door openings, retractable cut-off wheel and flexible clamping and access.

Cut-off wheel size: ø 432 mm. (Magnutom-400) or ø 508 mm. (Magnutom-500).

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Exotom-150 sturdy cut-off machine    Exotom-150
Sturdy cut-off machine designed for the production environment. High cutting power and a spacious and accessible cutting chamber makes Exotom-150 ideal for cutting large items or large volume production.
The unique ExciCut feature means fast and cold cutting, less wear on the cut-off wheel and plane, deformation-free specimen surfaces. With the optional AxioCut module very large workpieces can be cut.
Exceptionally easy to operate, two simple controls put the operator in full charge of the cutting action.

Cut-off wheel size: ø 432 mm.

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Axitom fully automatic cut-off machine    Axitom-5
Axitom-5, the fully automatic cut-off machine, designed for maximum user-friendliness. With its very large cutting table and easy to use controls, Axitom-5 is ideal for production environments.
The spacious cutting chamber is equipped with two automatic cutting tables. The x-table for serial cutting of parallel sections and the y-table for cutting of extra deep workpieces. The cutting parameters like feed speed, force and stop position are easily controlled using the multi-function knob.

Cut-off wheel size: ø 350 mm.

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Discotom-100/-10    Discotom-100/-10
These easy-to-use automatic and manual cut-off machines offer large cutting space and great cutting flexibility. With the largest cutting table in their class, you can clamp and cut almost all types of workpieces quickly and efficiently. Innovative cutting technologies include e.g. intuitive user interface, OptiFeed, the built-in database for cutting methods and the intelligent speed adjustment based on the material hardness ensure smooth operation.

Cut-off wheel size: ø 300 mm. (Discotom-100) and ø 250 mm. (Discotom-10).

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Struers Labotom manual cut-off machines    Labotom-5-/15
Labotom manual cut-off machines offer robust design, large cutting table and straightforward features. They are your go-to choice whenever you need fast quality cutting in the lab or production area. Flexible clamping facilities and accessories give you more cutting options.

Cut-off wheel size: ø 250 mm. (Labotom-5) and ø 350 mm. (Labotom-15).

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