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Mineralogy and Thin Sections

Preparation of thin sections

Struers’ range of equipment and consumables for the preparation of mineralogical, geological and ceramic specimens covers the entire preparation process - from initial cutting to the finished thin section or polished section, ready for microscopic examination.

Specimen Preparation
Mineralogical specimens often contain extremely hard and soft phases and it is necessary to use accessories specially developed for these materials. Lapping on cast iron discs with SiC and B4C lapping powder is used instead of grinding. Hard discs and cloths such as Petrodisc and Pan cloths should be used for polishing in order to obtain a relief-free surface. Epofix can be used for embedding and impregnation as well as for cementing on standard microscope slides or for cementing of cover glasses.

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Discoplan-TS is a precision cutting and grinding machine for mineralogical, petrographic and ceramic thin sections.

The left side of the machine has a table with a diamond cut-off wheel and holders for initial cutting and resectioning of the specimen.

The right side has a diamond cup wheel and a vacuum holder for simultaneously grinding up to three specimens almost to their final thickness with an accuracy of 2 µm.


LaboPol-35 is a strong grinding and polishing machine for 300 mm diameter discs. With variable speed from 50-500 rpm, it is possible to carry out grinding, lapping and polishing processes, including final polishing with oxide polishing suspensions.

LaboForce-Mi is a semi-automatic specimen mover for thin sections and mineralogical specimens. The force is applied through springs which can be individually adjusted up to maximum load of 20 N.

Exchangeable specimen mover plates for 4 or 8 specimens are available.

LaboDoser is a dosing unit for LaboPol with LaboForce. With built-in timer and 4 peristaltic pumps for dosing of diamond suspension, lubricant and all-in-one products such as DiaPro and DiaDuo.

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