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Structure 40 - Table of Contents

Glass and Carbon Fibre Reinforced Hybrid Composites for Epoxy Tooling

The materialographic preparation helps to find the correct composition of materials for Rapid Tooling technologies.

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Preparation of WC/Ag Contact Materials with Different Homogeneity

The porosity and distribution of agglomerates is important for the electrical properties of contact materials. Metallography is used to show the differences.

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RepliSet: High Resolution Impressions of the Teeth of Human Ancestors

3-4 million years old teeth are examined using replica materials. RepliSet is investigated to see if it can be used for that purpose.

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Metallographic preparation of Steel Cord Cable Sections

Research and development of tires require the examination of both the rubber material and the steel cords used. Materialography provides the tools to examine both materials at the same time.

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Labs in-between

See the beautiful images of a stainless steel weld from one of our Danish customers.

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Article Contest on Composite Materials

Here you can find the winners from our article contest on composite materials

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"materialographic" is also known as; metallographic
"materialography" is also known as; metallography
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