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MD-Molto 220 Learn more about MD-Chem NonStick CitoPress Discotom-100/-10

Preparing aluminium?
Get perfect planeness in short time

Now you can ensure perfect edge retention and absolutely plane surfaces in less time. MD-Molto 220 is a new plane grinding disc ideal for plane grinding of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Learn more about MD-Molto 220

New MD-Chem NonStick
Flawless Finish – without Sticking

Struers new MD-Chem NonStick polishing cloths are especially made for large samples. A unique grooved pattern prevents adhesion without compromising polishing performance and eliminating accidental damage.

Learn more about MD-Chem NonStick

CitoPress mounting press
The fastest way to mounting and increased productive capacity

CitoPress is offering ultra-short mounting times and maximum user friendliness.

Speed is further improved by using the optional dosing system.

The unique automatic dosing system enables dosing of a pre-set amount of mounting resin.

Read more about CitoPress

Discotom-100/-10 - Expand your cutting universe

Struers’ new automatic and manual cut-off machines are versatile and easy to use. With the largest cutting table in their class you can clamp and cut almost all types of workpieces on one machine. Discover a new world of cutting efficiency with Discotom-100/-10.

Learn more about Discotom-100/-10

Buying Struers consumables has never been easier.

Struers new e-Shop gives you access to order a complete range of consumables for materialographic preparation - 24/7.
Visit e-shop.struers.com

Struers free e-Seminar in materialography

Free e-Seminar in materialography

Invest 60 minutes of your time in Struers monthly e-Seminar and get wiser on the newest materialographic preparation methods.
Learn more about Struers upcoming e-Seminars

Struers Ltd UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory

Struers Ltd UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory

Accredited calibration is now available for all hardness testers and as part of the Struers PMP services packages.
Please refer to Struers - UKAS Accreditation for further information.

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