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Free e-Seminar from Struers Lavamin Accutom MD-Mezzo

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Free e-Seminar from Struers

a world-first, fully automatic specimen cleaning unit.

Gone are the days of standing at the sink cleaning specimens with soap, flushing them with alcohol and drying them!

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Make the cut! - With Struers new Accutom high-precision cut-off machines

Making the cut is about adopting the new Accutom high-precision cut-off machines from Struers. The mechanical precision, user-friendly positioning and intuitive user interface will put you a cut above the rest every day.

See the new Accutom at work

Get 99 steps ahead
- with MD-Mezzo, Struers new plane grinding disc for titanium alloys

Long lifetime, perfect planeness and constant high removal rate is what you get with Struers new plane grinding disc MD-Mezzo – which outperforms more than 100 pieces of SiC Paper or Foil.

Learn more about MD-Mezzo 220

e-Seminar on Nonmetallic Inclusions

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Free e-Seminar on materialography

Invest 60 minutes of your time in Struers monthly e-Seminar and become wiser on the latest in materialographic preparation methods.

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e-Seminar on Microindentation Hardness Testing

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Buying Struers consumables has never been easier.

Struers new e-Shop gives you access to order a complete range of consumables for materialographic preparation - 24/7.

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