MD Alto close up surface dressed with water Tegramin


If you are not familiar with Struers Tegramin, we would like to introduce it to you.

Our most popular grinding/polishing automatic equipment will secure that your preparation results are precise and accurate – every time.

  • Precise and accurate preparation result
  • Automatic dosing functions
  • Precise force control


Labotom-20 workpiece cutting close up


Reduce your cutting time by 50%

Precise cuts with controlled sectioning, ergonomically designed solutions, and a minimum of downtime with minimal cleaning and maintenance are just some of the keywords for our popular cutting equipment Labotom-20. A fast manual and easy-to-use cutting machine for a wide range of your cutting needs.

Xmatic specimen mover head close up


Same accurate preparation. Every time.

Automation can be your answer to obtaining 100% identical prepared samples with our new end-to-end grinding/polishing equipment Xmatic. Easy to use, automatic detection of consumables and high user-friendliness will make Xmatic your new best friend in the lab freeing up time that you can use on analyzing.

Duramin irregular sample close up


Best-in-class hardness tester

“Our new Duramin-40 gives us increased capability and capacity and the most advanced hardness testing in the market”, MechTest explains. With our popular hardness tester Duramin-40, you get extremely short turn-around times with full automation tests and still best-in-class, accurate, and repeatable analysis.


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Find new knowledge and inspiration by taking part in Struers training courses and Webinars. Gain valuable insights into the latest applications and preparation methods via knowledge sharing. Refresh your knowledge or learn new techniques with our application experts. The choice is yours!

Struers About us

Did you know…?

Struers has been working with material and chemical analysis since 1875. In that time, we have introduced many of the industry’s most important innovations, including the Magnutom, the world’s first fully automatic cutting machine, which launched in 1977.

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A full range for all needs

You can find the right equipment for every conceivable materialographic preparation need to make sure you achieve the quality, productivity, and cost efficiency you are looking for.

  • Cutting equipment
  • Mounting equipment
  • Grinding and polishing equipment
  • Hardness testers
  • Image analysis equipment
  • Customized equipment

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Original Struers consumables are designed to give you the best preparation results and protect your equipment. Save time by ordering original Struers consumables from your desktop in the Struers Webshop – at your convenience.

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How to

You can make sure that you and your staff have the right knowledge at the right level for your operation by making use of Struers’ unique materialography knowledge base.

  • Cutting guides
  • Mounting guides
  • Grinding and polishing guides
  • Electrolytic preparation guides
  • Hardness testing guides
  • Etching guides

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Global brands that place their trust in our equipment and services

We are proud of the strong partnerships that we have built with leading industrial brands, prestigious universities, and respected research establishments. They demand a supplier with global reach, world-class equipment, and in-depth knowledge that they can rely on.