PuriFast hot mounting material

Safe and so much easier to handle

A dust-free and non-classified thermoplastic hot mounting material, PuriFast facilitates high usability and maximum value when working with any specimen type or shape.

  • Improve employee safety with non-hazardous material
  • Increase speed and efficiency with easy handling
  • Minimize environmental impact

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Experience a healthier lab environment

PuriFast is made of non-hazardous materials and creates no dust during filling. It gives you and your employees a healthier environment to work in. There is no mess, and handling is safe and simple. In addition, the improved container gives you a more ergonomic and healthier working position due to its unique design and functionality.


A faster, more optimized hot mounting process

PuriFast is very easy to use during filling and handling to facilitate quick mounting. It is possible to handle many specimens in the same mount, saving further time in the preparation process. Furthermore, PuriFast can be used as backing material when using mounting material with special properties to suit your analysis requirements. As a result, you can mount materials in different shapes and sizes. This enables you to achieve reproducible and comparable results, and so perform a more reliable verification.


Reduce your environmental impact

With traditional hot mounting materials, the porosity and pressure of sensitive specimens can be a challenge. With PuriFast, you can avoid excessive pressure on porous and sensitive specimens by preheating in Sensitive Mode. You can mount specimens at 150 °C instead of the traditional 180 °C. The lower temperature reduces your mounting equipment’s power consumption by up to 10 %, lowering your carbon footprint. The large PuriFast container is made of recyclable plastic, which enables you to reduce environmental impact even further.

PuriFast is great!

PuriFast is great! I often cut mounted samples when examining small specimens prior to grinding and polishing stages. This new hot mounting resin supports the sample exceptionally well! Stanley Engineered Fastening Philip Wasmuth Development Engineer
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Take a deep dive into PuriFast

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Ensuring certainty

Minimize your supply chain risk and ensure uptime with high quality consumables, reliably delivered when you need them. All consumables ship within 48 hours from our distribution centers across the U.S., Japan, China, Germany and Denmark. Our ISO 9001-certified LEAN production and strict, in-house quality control ensure all consumables perform as promised and contribute to a safer workplace.

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