Spark Plug Challenge

Alligning, fixating and cutting an elongated component including different materials is a challenge. This requires a precise cutting setup using well chosen equipment and cut off wheel in order to end up with the desired sample in two halves and a minimum of mechanical damage.


A reproducible method for cutting a spark plug was developed consisting of:

  • Clamping and positioning the spark plug using a vertical clamping tool and a dedicated vise. 
  • Precision cutting with Secotom-50 to section the component exactly in the middle.
  • A metal bonded diamond cut off wheel with 0,6 mm thickness was used to acheive a minimum of mechanical damage and a very precise cut
  • Rotational speed of 2200 rpm and feed speed of 0,04 mm/s was used. Direct cut in the 85 mm length of the spark plug was used starting form the connector end towards the electrode end.

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