Manual, user-friendly tabletop cutting in the lab and on the production floor

Labotom facts

  • Simple control panel
  • Big cutting table
  • Ergonomic cutting handle
  • Safety lock
  • Flushing gun
  • Big slope in cutting chamber
  • Powerful LED light
  • 350 mm (14”) diameter cut-off wheel size (Labotom-15)
  • 250 mm (10”) diameter cut-off wheel size (Labotom-5)

The robust design of Labotom-5 and Labotom-15 manual cut-off machines means they are suitable for use both in the lab and in the production hall. They feature a large cutting table and easy-to-use features and are the perfect choice when fast quality cutting in the lab or production area is required. Flexible clamping facilities and accessories give you extra cutting options. Labotom-15 is a high-capacity cut-off machine with a powerful motor. It features an extra-large cutting table that enables quality cutting of all kinds of workpieces, including large and odd-size items. Powerful, strong and easy to use, Labotom-15 is a cost-effective and convenient way to increase manual cutting capacity.


Fast, simple and safe

The straightforward control panel, the ergonomic handle as well as the safety lock and emergency stop mean the Labotom-5/-15 are not only user-friendly, but also provide optimal user protection.

Exceptional access

The Labotom-5 and Labotom-15 covers are hinged on the back and open wide for easy access, enabling you to position and manoeuvre large workpieces with ease. The very large Labotom-15 cutting table has 10 mm T-slots for flexible clamping.

Strong, sturdy and reliable

Whether large, small or odd-size workpieces are being cut in a continuous or sporadic manner – the robust and straightforward design ensures easy and reliable operation. The base of the machine is made of non-corrosive aluminium to ensure maximum durability and long lifetime.

Cutting with Labotom



  • Labotom5 Only three buttons

    Only three buttons

    Start, Stop and Flushing.

    Only three buttons
  • Labotom5 Ergonomic handle

    Ergonomic handle

    Firm, comfortable and controlled grip.

    Ergonomic handle
  • Labotom15 Flexible LED light

    Flexible LED light

    Clear view of the cutting table.

    Flexible LED light
  • Labotom cleaning gun

    Quick clean up

    Fast cleaning with the handy flushing gun.

    Quick clean up
  • Labotom Efficient cooling

    Efficient cooling

    Ensuring good cutting quality.

    Efficient cooling
  • Labotom5 Optimum user safety

    Optimum user safety

    Safety lock and emergency stop.

    Optimum user safety


Model types

Labotom is available in two variations, see specifications for details.


Labotom-5 manual cut-off machine

Manual cut-off machine. Motor power 2.2 / 2.6 kW (3.0 / 3.5 HP). For 250 mm (10") cut-off wheels. With cutting table with 10 mm T-slots. Recirculation cooling unit, quick clamping device, spring clamp
and vertical clamping system respectively are ordered separately. Optional table unit can be used.


Labotom-15 manual cut-off machine
Manual cut-off machine. Motor power 5.2 / 6.3 kW 7.0 / 8.3 HP). For 350 mm (14") dia. cut-off wheels. 10 mm T-slots cutting table. Recirculation cooling unit, quick-clamping device, vertical quick
clamping device, spring clamp and vertical clamping system, respectively, are ordered separately. Optional table unit can be used.

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Technical Data


Struers Technical Data Sheets are designed to help you make the best choice of equipment for your particular purpose. You can find important information such as capacity and performance specifications, dimensions, weight, electrical data, noise levels, ambient conditions and safety. In many cases you can also obtain an overview of accessories offering higher capacity and performance.

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Technical Data Sheet
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