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Science is what we do do

Our goal is to ensure certainty across your entire materialograhic process. With a long history of innovation and many of the industry’s foremost application specialists in our team, we are constantly improving and expanding our expertise.

We are here to help you with every aspect of materialography. Whether you need to boost your skills with onsite and online training or maximize your uptime with service and support, we offer a complete solution that will ensure certainty and futureproof your process..

What is metallography?

In short, metallography can be defined as the science and art of studying the microstructure of different metals and metal alloys.

Read this article to understand the differences between metallography and materialography and how does that impact the choice of preparation methods?
We take a closer look at the history, the applications, and the analysis of both metallography and materialography.

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Find the optimal process for your material

The Struers Metalogram has been a key tool for professional materialographers worldwide since 1992 and is an easy tool for selecting the ideal preparation method for different materials.

The best preparation method depends on the hardness and ductility of the material, as well as the type of analysis you want to perform.

Our team of application specialists have developed and optimized proven methods for any material based on its hardness and ductility. We take an open, knowledgesharing approach to method development – and make these methods available to our customers, and online through the Struers Metalogram.

Find the hardness of your material on the X-axis, then move up or down the Y-axis, depending on its ductility.

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Automation for higher accuracy, efficiency, safety and speed

Today’s materialographic laboratories are constantly searching for more reliable ways to deliver a high number of samples, in less time, with fewer hands, and with minimal stops. The solution is automation.

By automating key materialographic steps, you can increase efficiency, quality, safety and accuracy across your process, while giving your staff more time to work on other tasks. The result is greater certainty in your work, lower costs for your business and better quality control for your customers.

Struers was the first materialographic company to invest in automation in the 1970s. Today, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We provide a complete range of automated equipment, from semi-automatic cutting machines to Xmatic, a fully automated end-to-end grinding and polishing solution.

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Application specialists

At Struers, we are home to many of the world’s foremost materialographic experts and application specialists, and we strive to deliver second-to-none expertise in all we do.

Based on years of experience and expertise from a wide variety of industries, the team enables our customers all over the world to discover new opportunities for enhancing quality control, failure analysis, and productivity, and to develop new applications and methods in order to meet evolving needs.



Every material is different and requires a different preparation method. The materialographic process you choose depends on the material, as well as the application and purpose.

With our material application notes you get all the information you need to accurately perform the ideal preparation process for the material you work with, from metals and alloys to spray coatings and microelectronics.


Academy & Webinars

At Struers Academy, we offer a large variety of training, courses and webinars.

The purpose of our academy is to help you to develop your skills and knowledge. In that way, we help to improve your materialographic process, increase the quality of your specimen and optimize your time consumption in the process time.


Struers is a global company with a strong heritage, a large product portfolio within metallographic preparation, an insightful materialographic philosophy and most importantly highly skilled and motivated employees.

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