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With a safe and easy to handle hot mounting material, PuriFast helps you improve your work environment and your carbon footprint without compromising the quality of your sample preparation.

Are you looking to improve your work environment in your lab?

Laboratories are some of the most unique and challenging work spaces as each laboratory is slightly different, given the work being conducted and the requirements for each laboratory. A Chemistry lab is very different from a laboratory in, for instance, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, or in the automotive industry. The engineering controls are different, the materials in use are different, and therefore the procedures to keep safe and to create a healthy work environment also vary.

At Struers we strive to make products that will help you optimize your work environment. Our latest non-classified thermoplastic hot mounting material, PuriFast, is developed to give you and your employees a healthier work environment in your lab.

Without compromising the quality of your sample preparations, PuriFast is 100% phenol free and made of propylene with wood and mineral filler, making it safe and easy to handle as it does not create any dust during filling into the mounting cylinder. PuriFast facilitates high usability and maximum value when working with any specimen type or shape.

Your employees in the laboratory will benefit from PuriFast in many ways, some of which are:
  • No hazardous content
  • 100% phenol free
  • Dust free
Additionally, the unique design and functionality of the PuriFast container gives you an ergonomic and healthier working position.

What if you could reduce your environmental impact by reducing the power consumption in your lab?

With PuriFast you can!

Traditional hot mounting materials are challenged by the porosity and pressure of sensitive specimens. By preheating in Sensitive Mode, PuriFast enables you to avoid excessive pressure on porous and sensitive specimens.

PuriFast enables you to mount specimens at 150 °C instead of the traditional 180 °C, reducing the power consumption of your mounting equipment’s by up to 10 %, lowering your CO2 footprint and saving your money.

The large PuriFast container is made of recycled plastic, enabling you to reduce your environmental impact even further.

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