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World leading within knowledge and expertise trough many years

Struers is a proud partner of the international microscope company, ZEISS.

Like Struers, ZEISS has a long history just within optics which can be dated all the way back to 1846, when the company was creating by Carl Zeiss. After the passing of Carl Zeiss in 1889, his partner Ernst Abbe created the Carl Zeiss Foundation, which became the company’s sole owner. Their primary goal was, and still is, to enable customers to achieve their goals with value-added solutions, developed and manufactured in a responsible manner, and to promote science and progress.

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Another coherence between ZEISS and Struers are our commitment to sustainability, which is steadily anchored in both organizations. Our strategies align within safe working conditions, sustainable innovations and overall, just view sustainability as a value driver and leverage different sustainability challenges as opportunities.

Quality and precision – seeing even the finest details

ZEISS materialographic microscopes makes it possible to visualize tiny structures in nano dimensions, and highlyefficient metrology systems guarantee productivity and quality in your daily work. ZEISS has several microscopes which is specialized in materialgraphic work, and together with Struers, we can provide a complete range of class-leading materialographic solutions, products, knowledge and services – all tailored to your individual lab process for higher accuracy, efficiency, and repeatability.

ZEISS Microscopes


Axiovert Series

Produce high quality images of large and heavy samples effortlessly with ZEISS Axiovert. Let the system take care of selecting the settings. Achieve consistently well illuminated and sharp images. Use all standard contrasting techniques in reflected or transmitted light. With Axiovert 5, you don't even need a PC to view and document images – just connect with a monitor and save directly to a USB device.

  • Discover Smart Microscopy. Focus. Snap. Done.
  • Extend throughput with powerful digital documentation.
  • Select the manual Axiovert 5 with smart microscopy for fast and reliable results.
  • Decide on the motorized Axiovert 7 for higher demands on workflow automation.


Axioscobe Series

The upright light microscope ZEISS Axioscope was designed specifically to meet the most common optical imaging requirements of materials laboratories. It is the right choice if your routine inspection tasks place high demands on usability, reproducibility, and automation – and you also need advanced optical microscopy for materialography. Being a complete material laboratory solution, Axioscope is also the first choice from an economic point of view.

  • Affordable high performance with outstanding usability
  • Reliable results thanks to advanced light management
  • Digital integration from device control to archiving.
  • Choose Axioscope 5 for material cuts, thin sections, and fracture surfaces is your focus.
  • Select Axioscope 5 for polarization microscopy: geology, mineralogy and metallography.
  • Decide Axioscope 7 for require advanced imaging and workflow automation.


AxioLab Series

Digital documentation has never been easier. ZEISS Axiolab 5 is the right choice if your routine materialography applications place high demands on ergonomic operation and efficient digital documentation. Since the Smart Microscopy concept does not require additional imaging software or even a computer, Axiolab 5 is also the first choice from an economic point of view.

  • Digital documentation made easy
  • Clever ergonomics for relaxed lab work
  • More economic and reliable
  • Press the Snap button right on the stand to acquire the image. It‘s as easy as that.
  • Ergonomic user concept that‘s adapted to your lab routine


AxioZoom V16

Axio Zoom.V16 for Materials is a Stereo Zoom Microscope for Large Fields.
The on-axis zoom delivers both high resolution and a zoom range of 16x. Zoom seamlessly from overview to the smallest details. Quickly and easily stitch large tile-images at low to medium magnification with impressive double resolution.

  • Zoom between detail and large object
  • The zoom microscope that’s made for your application
  • Discover textures at high magnification

Stemi 305

Stemi 305

Stemi 305 a Compact Stereo Microscope with 5:1 Zoom which is easy-to-use stereo microscope with 5:1 zoom. Everything is integrated: long-living LED illumination for reflected and transmitted light and documentation, too. The LED illumination contain near vertical and oblique reflected light, as well as transmitted light.

  • All-in-one microscope
  • Perfectly illuminate your sample
  • Easily document your results

Stemi 508

Stemi 508

ZEISS Stemi 508 a greenough Stereo Microscope with 8:1 Zoom. With the apochromatic optics you acquire high contrast images with color accuracy. With the 8:1 zoom you bring up smallest details. Add interchangeable optics and observe an area of up to 122 mm, making Stemi 508 a top performer in its class.

  • Get crisp 3D images
  • Made for heavy workloads because of an ergonomic viewing angle of 35°
  • Created for your tasks


PrimoStar 3

Primostar 3 is easy-to-use, compact and a long-lasting instrument that turns your investment into the right choice for long working hours even in the most space-limited environments.
You can easily focus on the essentials from the very start – just choose the ideal microscope configuration for your tasks and applications from our pre-defined packages and you are ready to go.
Primostar 3 comes pre-configured out of the box for a true plug & play experience, making it your reliable partner in microscopy today and in the years to come.

  • Decide for a safe investment
  • Tailor ZEISS Primostar 3 to your task
  • Perfect for space-limited environments

ZEISS Camera

Axiocam 105


AxioCam 105 offers an exposure time range of 30 μs to 1 s and a live frame rate of up to 33 images per second, the camera allows you to be well prepared to cover multiple tasks. Document your results quickly and conveniently.

Axiocam 208


Axiocam 208 color is a smart versatile 8-megapixel color microscope camera which is suitable for education, documentation and routine applications. This CMOS camera delivers crisp, detail rich live images with high color fidelity at full 4k resolution in outstanding 30 fps.

Axiocam 305


Axiocam 305 is a 5 megapixel camera for high resolution imaging at fast speeds. It is possible to follow and capture samples distortion-free and with great accuracy. AC 305 offer up to 36 frames per second at full resolution, achieve efficient searching and fast focusing. Comes in both color and mono.