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Silicon Carbide Foils and Papers

Quality and consistency for results you can rely on

If you need fast, flexible grinding, our high quality Silicon Carbide (SiC) Foils and Papers provide an efficient solution with zero compromise on reproducibility.

  • Ensure reproducible results with our best-in-class SiC Foils and Papers
  • Maximize your process flexibility when working with many different materials and tasks
  • Choose from a full range of SiC Foils and Papers, compatible with any set-up

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How can our Silicon Carbide Foils and Papers support your materialographic process?

Get consistency you can rely on

You need to be able to rely on your equipment, operators and consumables to remove variables from your process and ensure repeatable and reproducible results. Our high quality SiC abrasives and quality control ensure that every Struers SiC Foil and Paper meets the same high quality standards – and gives the same performance every time. Why risk a lower quality consumable?

Maximize your process flexibility

If you typically grind many different types of materials and may not know what specimens you can expect day to day, then our SiC Foils and Papers provide an ideal, all-round solution. Grind many different types of materials in different sizes, mounted or unmounted - all with the same type of surface. With greater process flexibility, you can maximize your efficiency and reduce the number of consumables you keep on stock.


SiC Key features Produktion Ballerup

High quality

Our SiC Foils and Papers are made from high quality SiC abrasives, and are controlled and assessed by our in-house Quality Control team


Good material removal

Our manufacturing process aligns all the abrasive particles in the same direction and gives an equal distribution on the backing of our SiC Foils and Papers for good material removal


Limit deformation

The sharp abrasive particles of our SiC Foils and Papers keep deformation to a minimum. When wearing, the SiC abrasives break and release new cutting edges

SiC Key features Full range

Full range

Our SiC Foils and Papers are available in a full range of 4 disc sizes and 12 grit sizes, suitable for plane grinding through to your last fine grinding step

SiC paper portfolio

Flexible solution

Grind many different types of materials – ductile or brittle, hard or soft – as well as specimens in different sizes, mountings or conditions with the same type of SiC Foil or Paper

SiC Key features Fully compatible

Fully compatible

You can use our SiC Foils and Papers with any set-up, with solutions for MD-discs, Wet grinding discs, and Aluminum discs

SiC foil placed on MD Gekko

Re-use foils easily

Because our SiC Foils are not sensitive to water, it is easy to re-use foils that are not worn. Simply place them back on the machine and use until they are worn completely

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Fully compatible with any equipment, system or set-up

MD Gekko

Magnetic disc

With our MD-Gekko and MD-Fuga adapter discs, both our SiC Foils and Papers can be attached using magnetic fixation to our MD-Disc. This allows you to easily exchange your consumables, ideal for more automated set-ups.

MD-Gekko is the adapter disc for use with our SiC Foils or self-adhesive consumables. Based on a strong PET film, the SiC Foil sticks safely to the MD-Gekko’s glossy surface and can easily be removed and reapplied.

MD Fuga is the adapter disc for SiC Papers, with an adhesive layer to hold the SiC Paper in place. The MD-Fuga limits artifacts such as pencil shapes and edge rounding compared to using SiC paper on a Wet grinding disc.

Aluminium disc

Aluminum disc

With the Gekko PSA adapter disc, a self-adhesive alternative to the MD-Gekko, our SiC Foils can also be used on an aluminum disc. This allows for easy fixation compared to SiC Papers, and gives you the advantages of the Gekko even without a magnetic disc. You can also attach SiC Papers to an aluminum disc using our double adhesive tape.

Wet Grinding Disc

Wet grinding disc

Our SiC Papers are quick and easy to apply and remove to a Wet grinding disc.

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Ensuring certainty

Minimize your supply chain risk and ensure uptime with high quality consumables, reliably delivered when you need them. All consumables ship within 48 hours from our distribution centers across the U.S., Japan, China, Germany and Denmark. Our ISO 9001-certified LEAN production and strict, in-house quality control ensure all consumables perform as promised and contribute to a safer workplace.

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