Diamond Suspension

Need diamond suspensions? Very short delivery times

Did you know that 98% of our consumables are shipped within 48 hours? With our very short delivery times on diamond suspensions, diamond cloths and all other grinding/polishing consumables you can optimize your preparation process with Struers.

We have consumables and equipment for every process – designed to work together to maximize your preparation.

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For maximum polishing process flexibility

If you work with many types of materials, our complete range of Diamond Polishing Products gives you maximum flexibility. With a diamond format to suit your application preference, such as suspension, stick, spray, or paste, and an extensive range of grain sizes, they maximize your process flexibility and meet your requirements regarding speed, quality, and efficiency.

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Need diamond suspensions? Very short delivery times

Are you aware that we dispatch 98% of our consumables within 48 hours? Benefit from our swift delivery times for diamond suspensions, diamond cloths, and various grinding/polishing consumables to enhance your preparation process with Struers. Our comprehensive range of consumables and equipment, meticulously designed to complement each other, aims to optimize your preparation efforts.