Special applications

About Special Applications

Conventional materialographic principles can be fine-tuned to overcome specific challenges in single applications.

Dedicated solutions are often used but experience also shows that overcoming a challenge in one application will give inspiration to the solution of a similar challenge in another application.

Microelectronics and CMR

Microelectronics and CMR

Components in miniature dimension, complex material compositions and very specific point of interest for the examination, characterizes materialography on microelectronics. Controlled Material Removal in dedicated equipment and accessories is used in this application combined with conventional principles for the materialographic processes; cutting, mounting, grinding and polishing.

Onsite materialography

On-site materialography

Construction parts or large components that is not easily accessible or movable, and has to be intact after testing is materialographically tested on-site. Special copy- and replica techniques and specialized products allows for microstructure examination without cutting out a sample.

Mineralogy and Thin Section

Mineralogy and Thin Section

Applying materialography on samples with natural variety and multiple compositions is manageable with a structured approach to selection of preparation method. Build-up practical skills in this special application can be supplemented with automated and reproducible products and methods.

Transmission Electron Microscopy

Transmission Electron Microscopy

Preparation of a small ultra-thin specimen accessible for electrons and complete free of effects from any mechanical impact is a special materialographic challenge. Electropolishing in dedicated equipment is the solution suitable to solve this task.

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