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Struers is an A2LA Accredited ISO-17025 Calibration Lab

Struers has successfully completed the rigorous A2LA certification program and are proud to offer fully accredited ISO-17025 calibrations in accordance with both ASTM and ISO specifications for hardness testers. 

We are able to perform both Direct and Indirect Verifications on all of the hardness testers Struers sells and Indirect Verifications of non-Struers machines.

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Calibration & ServiceGuard

You trust Struers to deliver a best-in-class hardness tester, now it's time for that same level of excellence to ensure your equipment is properly maintained and calibrated. We offer ServiceGuard Plans on your Struers hardness tester covering items like cleaning of the indenter & objectives, software updates, load verifications, & verification of general machine operation to ensure you avoid unexpected downtime.

When coupled with a Struers  A2LA Accredited ISO-17025 calibration service, you can rest assured that your machine will be running at peak performance.  And, by bundling your ServiceGuard Plan with our calibration services you will enjoy a significant cost savings.  Our service team will work with you to find the ServiceGuard Plan that best fits your needs.

Importance of Calibrations / Why necessary?

Many companies have internal or external requirements that necessitate accredited calibrations from a third party calibration service provider. Accredited calibrations ensure your measurements are accurate, repeatable and traceable to national standards.

A2LA Accredited

Struers Inc. is an A2LA Accredited ISO 17025 calibration lab. We are accredited to perform direct and indirect calibrations of hardness testers according to ASTM and ISO standards.


Get Calibrated

Need your hardness testers calibrated?  Looking to add or renew a ServiceGuard preventative maintenance plan to your Struers equipment?  One of our service representatives will be happy to assist you. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is calibration?
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Calibration is the process by which known input quantities are compared to the machine under test. Using this information, an uncertainty of the reported value and associated bias may be obtained.
What is verification?
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Verifications compare calibrated machines to known standards and an error may be established. If the error is less than that allowed by international or customer standards, then a machine may be considered operating correctly.
Differences between direct and indirect?
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A Direct Verification is the process whereby each aspect of a hardness test undergoes calibration individually (force application, depth measurement system, optical measurement system, indenter geometry, & timing) and is necessary when a machine is new or if it has undergone service that could affect any of the previously directly verified measurements.

An Indirect Verification is a whole machine verification process that compares a machines ability to correctly measure a reference standard (test blocks). Indirect Verifications are generally required annually and ensure your machine is reporting hardness values correctly.