Metallographic preparation


Struers Application Notes are prepared by highly qualified application specialists, and are based on scientific facts, professional knowledge, and hands-on experience. They are designed to provide professionals working in materialographic laboratories and quality control functions with concentrated and precise information about specific materials and their application. You will find Struers Application Notes an invaluable pool of knowledge with many illustrations and easy to read text. They contain:

  • Introduction to materials
  • Materials production and applications
  • Metallographic preparation challenges
  • Metallographic preparation guidelines including Cutting, Mounting, Grinding and Polishing, Cleaning, and Etching.
  • Preparation method and structure interpretation



There are more than 500 systematic and proven preparation methods in the Struers e-Metalog covering the complete range of metals, ceramics, electronics, minerals, polymers, composites, and organic materials. These preparation methods are founded on in-depth knowledge of materials and a systematic approach to method development.

The Metalogram displays ten materials according to hardness and ductility. Preparation method selection depends on these properties. 

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Based on years of experience from a wide variety of industries, the Struers Application Specialist Team enables our customers all over the world to discover new opportunities for enhancing quality control, failure analysis, and productivity. You can also depend on our Application Specialists to develop and pass on new applications and methods to help you meet evolving needs.

  • Twenty-seven Application Specialists in nine countries
  • Theoretical knowledge at the highest academic level
  • Expertise in practical hands-on training
  • Dedicated commitment to knowledge sharing
  • Always ready to help

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