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As the world’s leading manufacturer of materialographic equipment and consumables, Struers maintains a unique materialographic knowledge library. We constantly add the latest knowledge about new materials and applications to help you find new solutions quickly and easily, based on a wide range of brochures, articles, technical publications, certifications, and technical product and safety data.

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Application notes

Struers Application Notes are prepared by highly qualified Application Specialists, and are based on scientific facts, professional knowledge and hands-on experience. They are designed to provide professionals working in materialographic laboratories and quality control functions with concentrated and precise information about specific materials and their application. You will find Struers Application Notes an invaluable pool of knowledge with many illustrations and easy to read text.

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You can choose between a wide variety of hand-on courses in various languages. You can find a relevant course at any time somewhere in the world in a laboratory equipped with the most advanced equipment and facilities.

G&P Daily Problem & Solution (Chinese)

After the sample is polished and polished, there are often some artifacts, which will interfere with the operator's judgment, reduce the work efficiency, and even cause the operator to misjudge, which poses a serious threat to quality control.

Materialographic course (Czech)

The course combines the theoretical part in the form of lectures and practical exercises in small groups (max 4 people) in the laboratory. It is designed for both beginners and advanced staff who, within their competencies, provide quality control or research and development of surface layers using materialography techniques.

Basiskurs Materialography Ottensoos bei Nürnberg

​Ihr Einstieg in die materialographische Präparationstechnik- Basiskurs für Anfänger und Quereinsteiger! Profitieren Sie auch als Fortgeschrittener von diesem Kurs, indem Sie neueste Präparationsgeräte kennenlernen oder mit unseren Applikationsspezialisten Ihre Problematiken diskutieren.

TPM Plus - The Professional Materialographer

​The Professional Materialographer is a 3-day intensive course in materialography combining theory, practical work and individual work on own samples

Sample Preparation of Surface Hardened Gears

​Surface hardened helical gears must survive in harsh environments, so the heat treatment must produce the desired microstructure and material properties. Many companies use sample preparation and hardness testing to verify their heat treatment cycles. Find out how repeatable preparation methods provide reliable results for state-of-the-art quality control of surface hardened helical gears.

Courses in materialographic sample preparation

For more than 70 years, Struers has been one of the leading actors within materialographic sample preparation. By virtue of our position as a leading provider of materialographic preparation solutions we have assembled an outstanding wealth of knowledge and experience, which we share via our materialographic sample preparation courses.

The proffesional Materialographer TPM

The Professional Materialographer (TPM)

The Professional Materialographer (TPM) is an intensive course combining theoretical training, practical exercises and hands-on training at one of Struers’ worldwide lab facilities. You can choose a course in which Struers makes samples available, or you can choose a course in which you can bring with you and prepare your own material. In both cases you will be an active part of the course from the beginning to the end, through the entire preparation process: Cutting, mounting, grinding, polishing and etching.

User days

User Days

Mastering materialography includes theoretical knowledge and to a large extent also the hands on skills that transfer know-how into materialographic results. Working hands on with own samples in a state of the art lab is a very efficient way for experienced users to raise their level of competence.

User days is a specific training course focusing on troubleshooting, new knowledge and peer to peer networking.

Hardness Testing

Hardness Testing Courses

Materialography and hardness testing are closely related disciplines in material testing. Struers offers a course focused on hardness testing with an initial theoretical introduction to the most common indentation hardness techniques: Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell and Knoop. You will also learn how to consider requirements for surface preparation of your sample. In addition to surface preparation, we discuss other parameters such as influence of the material, illumination, calibration, etc. that affect the hardness test.

A Developing Competences

Unique Training Facilities

World-class results need world-class instructors and world-class training facilities.

Struers is the only supplier of materialographic equipment and consumables to offer a comprehensive range of training courses led by experienced application specialists in laboratories with the very latest equipment and technologies relevant to your needs.


  • Unique laboratory facilities
  • Comprehensive range and variety of equipment
  • Experienced application specialists
  • Multiple locations
  • Multiple languages

Meet the specialists


Based on years of experience from a wide variety of industries, the Struers Application Specialist team enables our customers all over the world to discover new opportunities for enhancing quality control, failure analysis and productivity. You can also depend on our Application Specialists to develop and pass on new applications and methods to help you meet evolving needs.

  • 27 Application Specialists in 9 countries
  • Theoretical knowledge at the highest academic level
  • Expertise in practical hands-on training
  • Dedicated commitment to knowledge sharing
  • Always ready to help

Meet the application specialists


Don’t make do with what we say! Look for the truth in the experiences of the people who use our equipment and knowledge. We asked a few of our loyal customers to tell us what they think is most important about Struers.

Grinding Media Moly Cop Logo
We have always experienced extremely repeatable and consistent, high-quality results. The consistency and reliability of our Struers cutting machines was instrumental in our decision to install a similar Struers system in our plant in Indonesia. Grinding Media, Moly-Cop (Australia) Glenn Sullivan Technical Developments Manager
John Crane Logo
We have been using Struers equipment and consumables for almost 30 years and have benefitted enormously from their unparalleled service and applications support. John Crane UK Ltd. (UK) Bill Taylor Materials & Forensics Engineer
XPS Consulting and Testwork Services Logo
XPS Consulting & Testwork Services is a licensed metallurgical engineering and testwork business that includes mineralogical and materials characterization. We have used Struers’ sample preparation equipment and lab consumables for almost 20 years and are very satisfied with the quality of the products and the support they provide to us. As a consulting firm, we strive to produce the highest quality results for our customers and the Struers’ products have assisted us in reaching that goal. XPS Consulting & Testwork Services (Canada) Patricia Stack Mineral Science Department